SourceCred Integrations

The secret is getting out! This page is to track projects using or experimenting with SourceCred. If you have a project not seen here, feel free to add it!

NOTE: due to Discourse limtits, I can only @ 10 people. Therefore, only project leads are listed (currently) as contributors.

Integrations (alphabetical order)

Project Contributors (leads) Description Status
AraCred @burrrata A mashup of SourceCred and Aragon DAO. Not to be confused with the CreDAO, which is a specific project/framework, AraCred is a generic meme that will evolve over time Basic SourceCred functionality has been integrated into the Aragon DAO CLI tool (npm package), giving users the ability to calculate cred scores and mint ERC-20 tokens according to cred scores.

AraCred GitHub
Credao @cslarson lkngtn, jvluso Macaluso An Aragon App adapted from EthTrader’s DAONuts project, Credao enables Aragon orgs to distribute tokens based on cred scores using a merkilized airdrop. The Credao was created at a hackathon at ETH Boston in Sept 2019 (submission). An Initiative was created to turn the Credao into a GitHub app, but it appears inactive.
dHack @theeylon Decentralized decision making hackathon using DAOstack Alchemy. On the community call on 3/24/2020, @theeylon presented their ideas on using SourceCred in a decentralized hackathon to combat Covid-19.
Enigma @jwaup A blockchain project that enables computation on encrypted data. Enigma is exploring SourceCred as a mechanism for distributing governance power within the project. It aims to do this by increasing quality participation on its forums, better informing delegators and validators in its blockchain network, and informing community funding decisions. Plans detailed here. @jwaup has been posting SourceCred scores in weekly updates, giving community members the opportunity to highlight any contributions, point out inconsistencies, or make suggestions.
GitCoin @owocki Decentralion A community for developers to collaborate and monetize their skills while working on Open Source projects through bounties. In April 2019, Decentralion began exploring the possibility of a collaboration. Interest was signaled again on 3/8/2020 in a Tweet by @owocki, pinging the GitCoin community for sentiment around using SourceCred. SourceCred subsequently had a meeting with @owocki exploring how SourceCred could be used within GitCoin, and a prototype was started within GitCoin.
IOTA antonionardella (Discord username) An open-source distributed ledger and cryptocurrency designed for the Internet of things (IoT). antonionardella, IOTA Community Manager at the IOTA Foundation, has begun a collection of initiatives to strengthen community engagement, and is exploring supporting these initiatives with SourceCred.
MakerDAO @s_ben Beanow Decentralion DAO that creates and maintains the DAI stablecoin We’re exploring the possibility of a partnership or grant with the Maker Foundation, where SourceCred would be used to pay contributors for governance work on Maker’s Discourse. Feedback so far has been positive, and a SourceCred working group has been created inside Maker to explore a SourceCred integration. This initiative is currently on hold while Maker navigates governance issues resulting from the “Black Thursday” crash in the crypto markets (summary thread). Plan is to re-engage when things settle down.
MetaGame @META_DREAMER @YalorMewn @burrrata @mzargham A Massive Online Coordination Game - think Social Media meets Freelancing meet Role Playing Games (meet Wiki meet Ethereum)… MetaGame has deployed SourceCred on its Discourse, and was the first project to deploy the prototype Discord plugin, which was created in collaboration with MetaGame at the CredCon hackathon (EthDenver, 2020). MetaGame is exploring minting ERC-20 tokens based on cred scores. Their implementation of the Discord plugin uses a custom emoji ( :octopus:) to mint cred. They are also using a prototype of the Initiatives plugin as the basis of Quests (activities in the game that mint tokens). To support on-chain infrastructure, @burrrata and Aragon are working to implement an Aragon DAO that mints MetaGame’s ERC-20 tokens ($XP and $SEED) based on cred scores. @mzargham is helping explore bonding curve designs for fundraising. @YalorMewn has created a WIP MetaGame quest for people to explore SourceCred.
Ocean Protocol @insideNIMA @burrrata A Decentralized Data Exchange Protocol to Unlock Data for AI @insideNIMA has been investigating using SourceCred to distribute Ocean Protocol’s native ERC-20 token ($OCEAN) within the project. @burrrata demo’d AraCred (SourceCred + Aragon) to the Ocean Protocol team on 3/12/2020, distributing tokens live on the Ethereum testnet according to cred scores.
RaidGuild @META_DREAMER A Decentralized Collective of Mercenaries Ready to Slay Your Web3 Product Demons (dev shop) RaidGuild (closely associated and overlapping with MetaGame), is exploring using SourceCred to distribute tokens based on contributions to client projects.
Token Engineering (TE) @mzargham A community to answer the following question: “What does it take to do token engineering, and how can we forward this nascent discipline together?” The Token Engineering (TE) community is running SourceCred on an index of projects related to token engineering (open to suggestions if you have a project to add). Contributors can earn TE Cred by posting on their Discourse, contributing to TE projects tracked by SourceCred, including some projects in their GitHub and a crowdsourced book, “A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Token Engineering” (GitHub).