SourceCred as one of the coolest examples of Web3 reputation 💪

A few words of praise :clap::clap::clap:

Listening to a podcast with Evan Miyazono: Further Resources | Hypercerts - SourceCred was mentioned.

It made me realize I was participating in MetaGame and SourceCred was a fantastic experience:

  • Discord emojis
  • Discourse activities
  • Github commits

Great idea. Great product. Great execution. Great product-market fit.

What is the current status?

Why is the last activity on the forum in November 2022?

(I’m worried that the project lost some momentum, but the principles will be alive, there were many Facebook-like product before the actually Facebook, timing is one the most important factors why startups succeed)


(digging deeper into that right now)

Borderline related

I’m a member of many Telegram chats.

Retroactive token airdrops for the most engaged members.

That’s a trojan horse into crypto. Now the community engagement can become much higher + appreciation towards existing users.

I will do some research, but maybe you have some links / pointers / know some existing projects doing exactly that?


Hey @marsrobertson!

Good to hear you’re enjoying the SourceCred in MetaGame.

Airdrops are a good use case for SC IMO. Ongoing retroctive rewards like MetaGame has are technically airdrops, but obviously the dynamics are different when you know an airdrop is coming every month.

SC has been used in more “traditional” airdrops in the past. Probably more than I’m aware of, but off the top of my head: Gitcoin used it as one part of their formula. Agave used Cred scores from 1Hive (the community they forked off from), as part of their formula. That one was a bit crazy :crazy_face:…I got some $AGVE tokens myself from contributing in 1Hive while supporting SC. The token mooned, and I was able to sell near the top, netting ust over $20k :rocket: Bull market times…Without that actually I may not have been able to continue working on SC this year for free. So retroactive props to Agave for supporting the project! (good product have used)

As for the status of the project, I’d say we’ve been in ‘low power mode’ for a while. We have a dev actively maintaining the codebase, we answer support questions (albeit delayed at times), Tweet. Every week I still host the SC community call (Wed 11am PST, SC discord) and talk to people interested in using SC.

Despite it being slower these days, there’s still a few folks around, mainly just being in community and working on SC stuff. If you search for ‘sourcecred’ on Twitter, you’ll see a steady drumbeat of mentions and interest.

We’ve also recently been nominated and accepted to the DAO Drops retroactive rewards experiment, which is currently ongoing. If we get some retroactive pay for work we’ve been doing for free, could see some more activity round here :slight_smile:

See you later.

Great stuff, placed some of my points towards SourceCred.

Epic win!

Thank you for a thoughtful reply, happy to catchup during the :phone:

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Awesome see you in a few and curious to hear your thoughts!