Radio Show on Discord

Following some fascinating discussions yesterday on the Dischord #General voice channel, @decentralion and I were talking about doing a weekly “radio show” on Dischord. The idea being that, while Discourse is great (and picking up!), it’s very time consuming. Not everyone has the time to read and respond to long, in-depth posts. Additionally, as we observed yesterday, live conversation can allow for a faster, more free flowing exchange of ideas than possible with text.

We were thinking it could just be myself and decentralion to start, shooting the shit and talking with anyone that wants to join. But we could also invite interesting people in the space to chat about SourceCred, related projects they’re working on. I would then post a recording of the chat, along with some basic notes on who participated, what was talked about. That way we can document paricipation and flow cred from it.

decentralion won’t be able to do it every week. So some weeks it could just be myself and whoever wants to voice chat. I think it could also be cool to “interview” contributors to the project as well. I’m genuinely curious about everyone here, and imagine y’all have some interesting backgrounds and ideas. If anything, it’s just a good excuse for me to indulge my podcaster fantasy and have some interesting intellectual debates:)

Thoughts? Ideas?


I am a fan. I will participate when i can :slight_smile:

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Nice! Will have my people talk to your people.

I quite like this idea. In my role as cred executive, I’m happy to “fund” this project by ensuring that it gets a good flow of cred in its early days. We should spend some time thinking about what metrics we can use to assess the success of the show, and make it so those metrics influence how much cred each episode receives.

Also, was this a precursor to the Podcasts category, and as such should it be added to an Initiative, Artifact, or Supernode for that?

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