WIsh List Categorization

Context: this was originally part of the Proposal: add GitHub PR labels thread where @Beanow categorized the thread as #uncategorized and then @burrrata moved it to the #the-credsperiment:initiatives-wish-list category. This brought up a discussion as to how to categorize generic proposals for improvement which may or may not end up becoming Initiatives.

@burrrata I see you moved the topic to Initiatives Wish List. But I don’t think this is an initiative. I’d say it’s a public discussion before making workflow changes. I feel like there isn’t a category for that and we don’t currently need one.

Which matches this category to the letter :smile:


Topics that don’t need a category, or don’t fit into any other existing category.

Could you move it back to where I had intended it to be? If you think I’m mistaken about the categories, happy to discuss that in it’s own topic too :]

The topic seemed like a proposal to brainstorm a change that would require work to implement. As such I moved it to the Initiatives wish list category. Moved it back to #uncategorized, but having uncategorized threads is not optimal. If you had to pick (or create) a category for this, where would you put it?

Also, what if we changed the Initiatives wish list category to just a generic wish list for feature requests, future initiatives, or whatever else? This way it could become a catch-all where we brainstorm ways to improve SourceCred.

Having uncategorized threads is fine. I’ve actually quite dis-agreed with the attempt to move every thread out of uncategorized and into some category.

Attempting to impose structure for its own sake is not only non-optimal, it is actively disruptive. I recommend reading Seeing like a State.

My personal experience is that too many categories leads to choice paralysis. And empty-looking categories are a large deterrent for people to use them. Less is more, I think. So a vibrant #uncategorized seems great to me :smile:

Anyway, if I need to come up with a category, I would say it’s one example of Spontanious Community Call 's review culture. So the forum equivalent of a PR? A RFC?

:+1: I really want to shift to using a review-based approach for configuring the call. I think that the GitHub label proposal is a good example of this.

I agree we should come up with a process for doing this. Maybe on the “Site Feedback” category we can have a process for RFCs to change the way the forum is organized?

To try this out, I posted a RFC for changing the top bar links