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SourceCred Podcast

Status: In progress


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Initiative Description:

Discourse posts are great, but sometimes people just don’t have the time for long, thoughtful reponses. We want a place where people can discuss SoureCred in a fun, time-efficient way. Let’s create a podcast. We can interview contributors and interesting people in the space.


Participants will have a chance to discuss SourceCred in a fun, engaging way that is respectful of their time. The project gets exposure and more potential contributors become aware of it.

Implementation plan:


  • Set up production environment (mics, recording software, etc.)
  • Find co-host that can help with logistics, audio tech

For each podcast:

  • Find guest
  • Schedule time
  • Create topics to discuss
  • Record podcast
  • Lightly edit podcast
  • Broadcast on social media channels to start (if it gets traction, we can look into distributing more widely).

Estimated Work (hours):

Highly variable, but imagining:

  • Pre-production: 3 hrs
  • Production: 5 hrs
  • Distribution: 1 hr

Total: 9 hrs


Not dependent on any current initiatives that I see, but dependent on guest availability, availability of co-host.


See below.


Notes from brainstorming about podcast:


I’ve added you as champion here @s_ben, feel free to edit if that’s not right :smile:

Yes signed up to champion on the community call I believe, thx for adding.

This is a awesome podcast,i d been interested in DAO and reputation system for a long time AND good to meet sourcecred! Does someone have the transcript of the podacst? I d be happy to make it translated to Chinese version and make it more visible in Chinese community;)

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Hi Jessie. That would be awesome! @decentralion any chance we can get PL to produce an English transcription of the pod for translation?

Sorry for dropping the ball on the transcripts @s_ben. I followed up via email.

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Thanks guys! Also i drop you @decentralion a message on discord with several questions, i m very excited to know more about the real practice within the SC itself, and i d also be happy to help tell the story to Chinese DAO community ! :grin:

BTW @s_ben an idea, I could be the “guest of last resort” when we don’t have another guest to spotlight. There’s a lot of specific subjects we could deep dive into, like:

  • SourceCred planning for 2020
  • SourceCred as a post-capitalist paradigm (e.g. “EcoCred”, or SourceCred applied to ecological conservation)
  • a whole podcast episode on gaming
  • a whole podcast episode focused on understanding the cred algorithm

and so forth

Sure. Sounds like an interesting convo for me anyway :slight_smile:

I was going to ask, can you think of any just interesting people from the space that might want to be the next guest? If I have you on too, I think the convo could be much more interesting. Especially if they’re involved with or at least have checked out SC and have opinions on it.

I think @mzargham would be a natural choice, since he has plenty of context on SourceCred. We could potentially get Juan Benet too.

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Both would be great. What u say @mzargham? If you can’t be the next guest, can we schedule you sometime in the coming weeks? We’ve settled on a quick 30 min format to better snag busy people like yourself (though happy to do a full hour if you’re up for it)?

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I’d love to. I do apologize for being less available of late. Busy times. I should be able to make it if I plan ahead. I see Tuesday Nov 12, 7pm CET on my calendar. If that is correct, I’ll block it off.

Thanks for thinking of me! -mZ

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Sweet! @decentralion does that work for you? I know dandelion is on vacation right now, so they may not get back right away. But let’s just pencil this in. I can definitely make this time.

Next Tuesday works for me – looking forward to it!

Should this be transitioned into an Artifact, and if so, how do we want to transition Initiatives to Artifacts?

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Was wondering this as well. Do we want to create a template for artifacts, similar to what we do with initiatives? So far it looks like the only requirements are that it’s a wiki editable by the community and links to ‘sub artifacts’ (contributions composing it)?

So a Wiki that links to initiatives?

Created an Artifact for the Podcast

@s_ben Do you think we can then mark this Initiative as “complete” since it’s graduated to an Artifact?