Create A Beginner’s Guide to Initiatives


I’d like to create a document that is a Beginner’s Guide to Initiaives. This guide would use clear, concise language to explain what an Initiative is, how it’s used in SC, and how to create one. It would also become one of multiple guides within the Getting Started Category.


Championed (In Progress)




Having a Beginner’s Guide to Initiatives would enable and empower beginners to get involved with the community, understand the larger values of the project by knowing how to explore existing Initiatives, and to create their own meaningful contributions right away by contributing to initiatives or creating their own.

This would also create a canonical understanding of what an initiative is and how it’s best used for the entire community at large. As well as a definitive place to look when the definition or procedure around an Initiative changes.

Implementation Plan

  • Have a conversation with someone who fully understands the topic of initiatives to learn from and solidify MY understanding as a newb. (Completed)
  • Use that understanding to create a rough draft of a guide. (Completed)
  • Have knowledgeable folks review/edit the guide draft for accuracy and legibility to multiple audiences.
  • Make revisions as necessary, and repeat review/editing process until an accurate final guide has been forged.
  • Publish a finished Beginner’s Guide to Initiatives to the Getting Started Category.


This Initiative will create a ”Beginner’s Guide to Initiatives” that is accurate, concise, and easy for the layperson to understand. As well as a touchstone definition of initiatives for the whole community.


The Initiatives Artifact existing makes it possible to write a guide for that Artifact.




I think this would actually be a contribution since it was a direct action item on this Initiative’s game plan right?

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The Dependency/Contribution/Reference distinction is probably the part of initiatives I understand the least rn, so I appreciate the info. :slight_smile:

[EDIT: Changed the props to DL to the Contributions section]

If anyone wants to offer their concise definitions of each, I certainly welcome that. <3

TBH I’m still figuring it out too lol

@Beanow had some helpful advice in a related thread:

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Yeah, from my conversation with @decentralion it sounded like those categories could be better defined or simplified in general. I figured that nailing those concepts down could be part of this process of creating the guide.

Yeah totally! That’s why I wanted to try to organize all the data about various mechanisms in one place so that we could start to understand what’s going on and sketch out the basic mechanics of everything. The code for Initiatives is actually right here, but it’s a WIP as @Beanow is still working on Write the Initiatives Plugin.

@decentralion and @Beanow would be the best people to reach out to regarding what Initiatives are and how they work. If you guys happen to chat about Initiatives (or really any other Sourcecred protocol stuff) please announce it in the #chat-announce channel. I really really want to deeply understand how the protocol/game works, so happy to jump into any protocol related discussions even if it’s just to listen :slight_smile:

I totally get that, though I imagine these guides will be something that continue to get updated as we figure things out. I think there’s a lot of value to getting something out there that is mostly accurate and can be changed as our understanding changes.

(And of course, we’ll definitely keep everyone updated on future chats, you are obviously a champion when it comes to wrangling all this info into an orderly state.)

Oh yeah 100%. Design, development, and documentation is all happening in parallel. Also, everything in the Getting Started category is a wiki so that it can be updated. That’s one of the best things about playing the SourceCred game for collaboration because all the contributions are synergistic and result in positive-sum Cred creation :slight_smile:

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Added a few things that might be useful to the References section of this Initiative. Hope that’s helpful, but if not feel free to remove them.