Initiatives Template Discussion

A thread to discuss upgrades to the Initiatives workflow and/or template :slight_smile:

Current Initiatives Template


Status: Proposal



Implementation plan:





Perhaps the initiatives template should include the following section (to be inserted after “Benefits”):

## Deliverables

What concretely should we expect to see as the output of this initiative? How will we know to what degree this initiative achieved its goals?

Kind of like OKR scoring: if you just describe the high level objective and benefits, then it can be hard to assess the outcome of the project; it’s a lot easier if you’ve also specified concrete key results.


Agreed @wchargin, this has been in the back of my mind as something that needs to get added once we integrate cred bounties. I’ve incorporated your suggestion almost verbatim.

Suggesting 3 changes:

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@Beanow: I’ve made this topic into a wiki. Please make any changes you see fit, and save them. Then I can just copy it into the template.

I changed the template above from quote to a code block (is that what you meant?), but now it’s a lot harder to read, so we may want to change it back.

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You’re right. Since the New Topic now inserts the template as well, copy pasting may be less of an issue than reading it here.

I’ve reverted it to a quote. Also added status, champion and initiative name.

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@burrrata I think removing the template from :sourcecred: About the Initiatives category is great as that makes it easier to read and it will be inserted by default on a new wiki in the category anyway.

Should we add it back in here for context and being able to give feedback on the template?

Good call!

Adding that back to the first comment

Curious whether the Contributions/Dependencies/References categories are all necessary. If so, then defining those a bit more concretely could be useful as I know I’m not the only one to get them a bit muddled with each other.

Check out the draft of the Beginner’s Guide to Initiatives to see the most recent musings on these template category definitions.