SourceCred Podcast Ideas

I am here to officially introduce the idea of a SourceCred podcast! Included below are my initial thoughts and goals for this project, but I would love to hear feedback from you all about how a podcast could best serve this community. Please feel free to comment and/or use the Podcast Idea Generator form I’ve created to voice your ideas and desired involvement.


The idea is to create a compelling podcast that encapsulates the spirit, community, work, and vision of SourcCred. A podcast could bring value and an audience to the SourceCred community through creative documentation, and be used as a tool for onboarding, outreach, and articulation of community mission and values.


  • 10 episodes, released bi-weekly, shared both internally and across podcast platforms
  • To appeal to a technical & non-technical audience, and reach individuals outside the SourceCred community
  • To be a hub of information for those looking to better understand SourceCred and its implications on the future of organizations
  • To introduce themes, supported and articulated by SourceCred community members, that reflect how SourceCred’s work is relevant to a variety of solvable problems
  • To share entertaining stories about interesting humans and how they ended up here !


Solidify Content

  • Establish a name and intro for the podcast
  • Select themes, interviewees, and questions
  • Create an episode plan that makes the series cohesive and followable

Record and Upload

  • Yalor and I are working together right now to smooth out questions around the technical side of the podcast. We imagine that interviews will be about an hour long, but each episode could be cut down to 35-45 minutes. Fortunately Yalor has found someone to do our audio editing/clean up, and we are receiving guidance from her about how to best record and upload content.


  • Upload to podcast platforms (iTunes, Stitcher, Spotify etc.)
  • Publish on SourceCred website/blog

Thank you so much for reading, and I am excited to hear others’ ideas for this project!


I think this is a great idea! We could have multiple podcasts with other projects which are using the sourceCred system. I have 1Hive in mind because I’m from 1Hive :).

Could be talking about how the implementation of SourceCred bring a lot of new people and kept them hooked. This will add exposure to both of the projects involve. This is a great idea imo.


I love this idea, and would be happy to participate in podcast episodes!

Here’s a pitch with something I’ve been thinking about lately:

We exist in a world where enormous amounts of wealth and power are being created by new techno/economic networks (Google, Facebook, Amazon) and currently that power is all centralizing in unaccountable corporations. We need to be building open-source, participatory, and non-extractive networks to replace them; networks operated by and for their communities of users, that pursue the values of those communities rather than just profit.

However, currently decentralized and value-oriented communities lack the ability to coordinate effectively to realize our shared vision. So the successful networks get built by corporations instead, since they are just much better at execution. Some of the missing tools are technical infrastructure (Ethereum, then scalable Ethereum, then cheap verifiable compute, then…), but we’re missing crucial social infrastructure too. Decentralized communities struggle to make and then follow through on decisions.

A big goal of mine is for SourceCred to prototype and productionize systems for spinning up decentralized projects that are effective & value aligned. Once we have the ability to do so, we can start tackling so many other problems. E.g. designing a decentralized replacement for Facebook/Reddit/Twitter where the users totally control “the algorithm” and can tune their feed to provide maximal emotional/personal value, rather than maximum ad impressions. Or spinning up cryptonetworks focused on promoting economic justice (e.g. implementing a UBI). If we can get good tools for coordinating and then designing new economic networks, the sky is the limit.

Could be really fun to talk about on the podcast if you’re interested!


cc @s_ben, who has some relevant experience…


@kate_huntoon feel free to use any of the ‘collateral’ from my first iteration of the SC pod, e.g. art, intro music, script, etc. Or not! Your creation. We probably should link to these older episodes somewhere though, there’s some good stuff!


SO EXCITING! Love the vision, and I think this could do so much for so many different goals of ours. Oh and I love Felix’s idea of branching out to our User Communities once we’ve established this first round of internal interviews. <3 <3 <3

Definitely make sure to keep track of the folks who help with its production like Yalor and your editing friend. Once the Creditor gets made (probably months from now) we’ll want to flow some of the podcast Cred to them too! (And/or we could props them before the Creditor is made).

Also, if you want any specific additional art made for the podcast, feel free to let me know! I have more time for making digital SC art during our month off.

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