Podcast social media campaign

We’ve ported the podcast to Podbean, and RSS syndication is underway (we’re already on Spotify, submission to Apple is under review, Google should auto index in a couple days, and TuneIn has accepted submission and will be live within 24 hrs; these are the majors, let me know if you have a fav you want added). I’ve also taken the opportunity to do a little light editing before re-uploading (removed a few ums and ahs and improved intro music quality).

We have three quality podcasts in the can now, and I think it’s about time we blast these out on social media! This will be a good opportunity to introduce SourceCred to our networks (fertile ground for recruitment) with engaging, accessible content. Below I’ve sketched out a rough plan. Open to ideas.


Release a podcast a week, in this order:

Post on SourceCred’s Twitter account, encourage RT’s by authors and community members. Could be a good excuse to start using the SC subreddit also. If anyone has other distribution channels, let me know!

We make sure newcomers receive as soft a landing as possible. @burrrata has done some good work organizing the Discourse, e.g. Some questions as a new comer and SourceCred High Level Overview (WIP). @decentralion is generally responsive on Discord to newcomers. I can be around to answer general questions.

If we’re getting good results with the podcast, we can start back up production of new episodes. Having three in the can should give us runway to keep releasing weekly (a good cadence IMO) should we want to.

Please let me know if you have any ideas or concerns, this is just my initial plan.

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This is awesome!

Regarding a social media campaign: That sounds great! Having participated in decentralized networks that also decentralize their communications things can get confusing fast lol. It’s going to be really important that we have a clear and consistent message across channels (branding). Would be awesome to sync up to clarify and document things:

  • SourceCred tagline (are we still happy with this)
  • Who has access to the SourceCred social media/marketing channels?
  • Do we want to integrate with a platform like HupSpot to measure and optimize engagement?

Also, while we’re at it, we could sketch out a general marketing/communications strategy to tell people about SourceCred, help them learn about the protocol, and get involved if they want. This would also require creating an Initiative around the project and/or assigning DRIs for various channels (still an open debate). This way we get Cred for our efforts (which would mostly be “off-chain” / out-of-game activities) and there’s also someone responsible for engaging with users. Also, someone needs to be responsible for things like managing a channel, updating media, pinning relevant information, etc…

Regarding new user onboarding: I’d love if we had a high level overview of SourceCred and welcome page ready to go for new users. I’m only about 5-10% of the way through the initial round of Discourse optimizations I wanted to do, so this is a good inspiration to get that done. Still need to figure out how to do that, however, as I definitely don’t want to have to create a thread for every change and then jump into a multi-day discussion about every decision lol

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There is an argument for allowing brands to be decentralized (i.e. headless brands). But it would be good to be consistent and organized at the least.

Am using this on our podcast page, medium articles. I like it still.

@decentralion has access to Twitter I believe. We can use Tweetdeck to share the account if we want without having to share the password. Doing this with one of by personal accounts.

This is forming more of a proper “funnel”, something I talked with @decentralion about a while back now. As far as I understand, the current focus is more on recruiting a few good devs and other core community members. Then in the new year finding “alpha” projects to integrate SourceCred. But might be worth getting started on?

I think these initiatives are good, though think we do have some good intro materials. E.g. this presentation @decentralion gave in Berlin,

I think we should not hold off promoting SC until we have a perfect experience. Right now our target is going to be sophisticated early adopter types in our networks, crypto/DAO nerds on CT. That will also give us data about what the pain points/questions newcomers actually have, as opposed to guessing. But yeah, once we’re looking to onboard more people, we’ll want to build out and optimize the funnel.

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Have you participated in any of these and/or do you know any that are successful?

Yeah totally, but these are all things we need to do anyways. Not saying we should delay promoting the podcast for other stuff, but that it would be great to do both in parallel to maximize impact.

Well first it’s hard to find information and get engaged with the process. I’m going to try to onboard a bunch of Aragon community members and I’m having a really hard time explaining stuff to them, even though I’ve been here for a minute. Again, circles back to the branding, tagline, overview, Discourse organization, etc…

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So the article quotes Bitcoin as the first true “headless brand”. Though arguably centralized players have managed that narrative in recent years (e.g. the SoV narrative). Decred PR team has been discussing it

Sweet! Would be great to get some Aragon peeps in here. Follow as much of their Discourse as much as I can, they seem really tuned in to a lot of the issues we’re dealing with here.

Right. So Bitcoin does not move fast and Bitcoin took 10 years to build a “brand.” Along the way the community had countless dumpster fires and complications. Also, many projects have tried to doing similar things to Bitcoin, but failed. Bitcoin is a unicorn.

SourceCred is very different than Bitcoin. We have a public founder and our team is building a product for users. The world is aware of crypto-currencies. Our strategy is going to be very different than Bitcoin’s. Not to say we can’t learn from decentralized protocols, but SourceCred is very different.

Yeah once we have basic docs and onboarding guides, then that would be awesome. As is, however, the Aragon community is super busy as well so no one has hours to spend learning about SourceCred, even though everyone thinks it’s really cool. The onboarding process needs to be 5min or less. Then players can learn details and more specific features on an as needed basis. That’s what I’m hoping to make happen with the Discourse/Documentation initiatives. Time will tell… lol

Bitcoin is unique for sure. Though as an “open source startup”, we’ll have less centralized control regardless I suppose.

1st podcast has been tweeted out! Plan is to do one a week here, build momentum.