New SourceCred Tagline

At our office hours call today, we came up with a new tagline for SourceCred, namely:

SourceCred: A Reputation Protocol for Open Collaboration

I’m quite pleased with this; it is both general and descriptive, and I don’t think we could take any words out without losing important meaning. This replaces previous taglines like “shine a light on open-source contributors” or “recognize people for the value they create”, all of which were vaguer and communicated some intention/goals, but didn’t communicate what SourceCred is.

Of course, pull requests accepted–I welcome any suggestions on even better taglines. :wink:

Thanks to @rzurrer for describing SourceCred as a “peer-reviewed reputation protocol” which really got the discussion going, and to @mzargham for suggesting “open collaboration” in lieu of “open endeavors”.


I changed the tagline on twitter.

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I also lightly refactored medium to highlight @decentralion’s intro article (which probably should get a tweak to reflect the tagline) and changed the tagline on the publication level.

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