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For SourceCred to go viral, it needs memes. This thread is to collect meme ideas as we have them.

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Meme idea: “Bitcoin is permissionless value transfer. SourceCred is permissionless value reward”.

This riffs off a powerful idea I explored in my DAO article. Essentially, removing gatekeepers and counterparty risk from work opportunities. This should appeal to anyone who’s been denied work they were qualified to do, not been paid for work, or shortchanged (i.e. everyone).

This may particularly appeal to the Bitcoin/crypto crowd that really gets it. It is also on the cutting edge of what is possible, even among cynical, libertarian Bitcoiners. E.g. this Nick Zabo tweet.


Meme idea 2: (this one is @decentralion’s, as captured in the SourceCred as an incentive compiler wishlist, but just thought I’d add here for completeness) - “SourceCred is an incentive compiler”.

Could be particularly good when talking to developers. A valid critique might be that we haven’t figured out “high-level” compilers (i.e. the project-level equivalent of Python/C++ (Initiatives, Boosting)). I think a clever response is that we’ve got a useful assembly-level compiler (i.e. scores are generally in the ballpark out of the box at the repo level), which is already game-changing! And high level languages are coming along. Soon you’ll be able to upload a power point presentation and SourceCred will spit out a working product! <- follow-on joke :stuck_out_tongue:

This is awesome!

TBH, I think almost every thread in the Inspiration category could (and should) probably be distilled down into a meme too. This is essential so that we can easily share ideas. Just playing the SourceCred game on this forum I’ve noticed that the things I link to aren’t always the things that are the most important or informative, but the things with the catchiest titles that I remember to look up. Having catchy memes for our ideas will make them more compelling for new readers, easier to remember, and easier to reference in the SourceCred game :slight_smile:

A few more meme ideas:

  • SourceCred: Recognition, Reputation, and Rewards
  • Open Economic Communities
  • Open-Source Startups
  • Crypto Startups

Open-Source Startups resonating…

Meme idea: permissionless employment

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Came across this article and thought of this thread :slight_smile:

JPEG Your Ideas


  • keep it simple
  • find the meme that clicks
  • repeat and reiterate again and again

Key Quote

What Jeff understood was the power of rhetoric. Time spent coming up with the right words to package a key concept in a memorable way was time well spent. People fret about what others say about them when they’re not in the room, but Jeff was solving the issue of getting people to say what he’d say when he wasn’t in the room. It was so important to him that we even had company-wide contests to come up with the most memorable ways to name our annual themes.


Great article. Of the memes we’ve got so far, the most memorable I think is ‘Open Source Startups’. Concise, has that double S. ‘Recognition, Reputation, and Rewards’ has the repetition, but just isn’t resonating as much for me…Maybe ‘Recognize, Reward, and Win (or something better)’?

  • SourceCred: Quit Your Job
  • Value Everything
  • Recognize, Respect, and Reward
  • Recognize Respect
  • Move Slow and Grow Things

Meme idea: Nothing is worth 0.

Another meme / quick pitch:

SourceCred is a social algorithm to distribute tokens to contributors in decentralized projects, and a cryptoeconomic model where token holders can influence project priorities, incentives, and governance.

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Social algorithm resonates. The rest of the ‘pitch’ seems like a good general description for SourceCred’s potential in crypto projects.

Got these from notes from a recorded convo (soon to be podcast) between @decentralion, @META_DREAMER and @burrrata. Not sure who to credit for each, but presumably all inspired by each other?

  • “Cartels without violence”
  • “A new paradigm being born”
  • “A new optimizing function” (in opposition to maximizing solely the profit function, SourceCred maximizes the intersubjective valuation of the community).

SourceCred is a market maker for labor.

Just like a market maker on a traditional market is always available to take the other side of a trade (e.g. buy when another party wants to sell), by valuing all contributions, and flowing Grain (money), there is a market for each contribution. A transaction does not need to be arranged (e.g. a contract negotiated), for a transaction to be made.

Another angle: SourceCred is a bonding curve for contributions.

SourceCred is a two-way subscription model.

Because cred is bi-directional (e.g. a contribution flows cred to its author, and also from the author to the contribution), and money flows according to the cred graph, in effect, each contributor is subscribed to each other contributor. This should be appealing to contributors for the same reason subscriptions are appealing to businesses: subscriptions provide more steady income than discrete transactions.

Another wording: SourceCred is a super-subscription model.

SourceCred uses quantum economics.

Just as quantum mechanics can view light as a particle or wave, SourceCred can view contributions as transactions (particles) or continuous value flows (waves).

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From @META_DREAMER in chat:

MultiDimensional Capitalism 1 dimensional capitalism of the past had a lot of negative consequences because it measured only money, when in reality value creation is so much more than money. SourceCred is still capitalistic in design, except instead of just money its able to measure many other forms of value, allowing for “true capitalism” to be realized.

Meme theme idea: align value created with value captured

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hey, In order to describe the unique value SourceCred delivers I liked:

Other ideas inspired from these:

  • you get what you give
  • algorithmic credibility (slightly more technical jargon)
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From @META_DREAMER with help from @LSD, “Democratizing the ability to game the system”