SourceCred weekly update

It’s Friday, so here’s the first SourceCred weekly update!

The most exciting thing this week was our chat with @piamancini from Open Collective. We’re excited to work with them and hope SourceCred help open-source collectives flow donations to their contributors and maintainers. You can read notes from our meeting here.

On the development side, we merged some improvements to cred computation:

  • Per a suggestion from @whyrusleeping, @decentralion added “Mentions Author edges” which create links between comments in a thread when a comment mentions the other comment’s author. The idea is that if people are mentioning you in a thread, it may be because they found your comments valuable. You can read the original suggestion here and see the pull request here: #808
  • @decentralion also improved the handling of commits by SourceCred:
    • We now record authorship for commits (#826). This way we can give credit to commit authors even if the commit didn’t merge via PR.
    • We also detect references to commits and from commit messages (#829, #833)
  • @wchargin has been hard at work on greatly improving how we ingest data from GitHub. Once this merges, updating SourceCred instances will be way faster. You can read about his progress here: #622
  • @decentralion has done most of the work towards adding support for GitHub reactions to SourceCred, so we should see support for that land next week. (#839, #840)