SourceCred as a tool to recognize contributors

Exploring how SourceCred might help the Aragon community enhance coordination and cooperation with DAOs. Just tried running SC on the Aragon Nest repo (Aragon’s grants program) and it was really cool!

The Nest program is a beast. It’s been around for a long time, had many contributors, and has changed greatly over the years. Having read through literally every Issue, PR, and comment in the repo I can say that this graph resembles my understanding of the engagement within the repo. This is interesting because it took weeks of research, a financial model, and a detailed report for me to really start to see the entire elephant vs just a part of it. Sadly, most people did not read the Nest report or analysis. Having intuitive visual representations of data like this SourceCred graph could have really helped to communicate the information.

Posting this here as this is a simple and non controversial use case for SourceCred. Even if projects are unsure about using SourceCred to distribute reputation/rewards, they can at least use it to highlight contributors over time. This ties in nicely with the SourceCred action repo.

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Nice. Does it make sense to engage with the Aragon folks around this?

I am the Aragon folks lol

I’m exploring running SourceCred on a variety of Aragon projects/communities. Will circle back if we find something that’s working that people are happy with :slight_smile: