SourceCred, 🔥_🔥 & Adoption in 2021!

Hey Sourcecred community! Wanted to post on the forum recapping the meeting with myself @decentralion & @panchomiguel last week!

Talked about a handful of key areas:

My introduction and drive to get amongst the SourceCred community; I’ve been exploring crypto land over the past 5 years, deep diving into game theory, token design & governance. Most recently through :fire:_:fire:(More Context on :fire:_​:fire: here), a governance collective focused on building more meaningful token design and governance participation (alongside Cooper, Callum & Lucas).

:fire:_:fire: is currently working alongside the Balancer team on the high level concept of Governance Mining, one element of which involves setting up SourceCred on the Balancer Forums & Discord - Tracking how the community engage with these platforms and building the foundation for incentivising these groups. As a first step these integrations make perfect sense, but thinking longer term (and with some serious riffing between myself and @decentralion), how SourceCred could be used to track & incentivise onchain actions has a lot of interesting outcomes to be further developed!

Another core discussion topic was about how myself and :fire:_:fire: can help the communication, adoption & incentivisation behind SourceCred longer term - Long term, how SoureCred could be used across all token projects opens up a significant amount of design space. The community you guys have built here is incredible, and one I’m excited to continue to dive head first into :tada:

Going into the start of 2021 I’m planning to continue to learn & introduce myself to the SourceCred community. Then excited to see how the conversation develops into the new year!