`git-rescued`: A New Service for SourceCred Contributors!

The SourceCred project makes careful use of Git, particularly due to our love of making semantically atomic commits. However, doing this well requires a lot of knowledge of Git, and it can be intimidating/a blocker for those who are not git wizards.

I intend to write a nice guide on how to use Git the SourceCred way, but in the mean time, any time you are blocked: I’m happy to come and rescue you from whatever Git situation you’re in. Just post a link to the PR here, or message me in our Discord, and I’ll come fix things up for you. I’ll post a description of what I did ad the basic steps, so it can be a teachable moment, too.


As a network science researcher, non-git wizard, I can attest the power a ‘git-rescued’ intervention by @decentralion; it’s an awesome learning experience. Don’t be afraid to use it!