_prtcl & SourceCred?

_prtcl seems like a perfect opportunity for something that could be SourceCredded! (SourceCredify? Sourced? I dunno lol)

Here’s a 5min intro video showing just how awesome this might be:

If this became the standard of documentation on Web3, and SourceCred was integrated, documentation writers might actually be valued and apps might actually have awesome docs! :slight_smile:

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I’d love to see SourceCred on Holochain like _Prtcl working together in aggregate, Guilliem is pretty deep in that world - I’d defiantly suggest reaching out to him and having a dialogue. I guess running on a DHT is a few iterations down the road tough, best build the monolith first to figure out the problems before going all distributed microservices :wink:

Note, there was previous discussion about Prtcl here: Prtcl - Interesting project, "like git for ideas and conversation"

At the time, it looked abandoned, but I see there’s been more work on it since, so I’d be interested to hear what the project’s current status and trajectory is.

Just talked to the team a few days ago and they’re getting ready to launch. They’re even going to try to DAOify it!