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Hi everyone,

In further effort of undergoing this transition period with transparency, I’m posting about my meeting with Juan from Protocol Labs (PL) on Saturday, July 17, 2021. On Friday night, we unexpectedly secured a meeting with Juan. At 11am PT on Saturday July 17, I sat down for an hour and talked to Juan about PL’s expectations of SC, past, present, and future as well as other key topics on which the community has been seeking clarification.

Key takeaways:

  1. DL partly decentralized SC’s relationship with PL by bringing me into the SC/PL relationship. Further decentralization in the works to include more SourceCred contributors.
  • This DOES NOT mean that there’ll be a constantly open line to PL available to everyone.
  • This DOES mean there will be multiple SC contributors who will have access to this line of communication and start partially owning the relationship with PL.
  • The plan is to make a permissioned discord channel to which multiple SC contributors will have access. Since the discussion will be dev/product roadmap heavy, it’s likely to yield ideal conversations if two technical contributors have access (e.g. Thena and Seth)
  1. PL is still open to funding the SC community, however it’ll have to be on new grounds with new

expectations and contingent upon the success of a re-application for funding starting 2022. For the reapplication: We will have to meet milestones and deliverables. The suggested method which Juan expressed is most likely to yield a successful reapplication is as follows:

  1.  SourceCred gives Juan a demo along with the current product roadmap / features in the works.
  2.  Juan/PL publishes a list of product features/deliverables desired in the SourceCred product.
  3.  The SC community can pick and choose any features from the list and formulate a concrete roadmap with milestones and submit to PL for consideration of funding.

Attached are detailed notes of the conversation (SourceCred / Protocol Labs meeting 11am PT July 17, 2021 - Google Docs)



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Hi Bo!

You and the rest of the SourceCred Core Team, as well as Willow, Nav, and Hammad, owe me an apology and recompense for my labor, as well as for the harm that you caused me. As far as I can tell, the SourceCred product creates significant harm, and even its core engineers can’t accurately predict how it will function.

Any attempt to fork SourceCred without first apologizing to me publicly and offering recompense, will be met with a lawsuit, as will any attempt to raise outside funds from any source.

I understand that Juan uses other people’s work and claims credit for intellectual invention.