Chat with Dillon from Commonwealth/Edgeware

Yesterday I had an enjoyable chat with Dillon Chen from Commonwealth Labs / Edgeware. Commonwealth has been experimenting with building new web3 governance systems, you can see their live testnet here.

Dillon said they built the frontend around a centralized backend to start with (for iteration velocity) while keeping space to swap in truly decentralized back-ends later. This struck me as a prudent strategy, kind of similar to how SourceCred has maintained a lot of flexibility to quickly try new ideas, because we haven’t decentralized the system upfront.

We spent a lot of the chat discussing the potential for partnership between CommonWealth Labs and SourceCred. The skills they’ve demonstrated in developing decentralize-able frontends could be really useful for us. Particularly for stuff like initiatives and artifacts, having a dedicated UI instead of Discourse wiki posts could be a huge boon. Also, we’ll need a dedicated UI for boosting.

I shared how SourceCred is orienting on doing a really good job of giving cred (and thus Grain, and $) to people that build valuable infrastructure for SourceCred, and dedicated frontends to enable initiatives, artifacts, and boosting would be very valuable. So if Commonwealth Labs wanted to champion they could expect to get a lot of cred and grain. I also touched on how I want SourceCred to recognize organizations and communities that contribute, and not just the individual participants. (E.g. if Commonwealth takes this on, the org gets cred as well as the individuals doing implementation.)

We concluded the 30 min chat by agreeing we should chat more about it, and bring in more participants from the Commonwealth and SourceCred communities. I propose that we have a voice chat on the SourceCred Discord server. @s_ben and @beanow, would be great to have both of you on the SourceCred end.

I’ll email the link to this thread to Dillon so the Commonwealth folks can chime in and we can find a time.

Also, thanks @balasan for introducing us.


Edgeware looks impressive. Also like the blockchain UI expertise, which I think is key if governance is going to be truly decentralized. Down to chat.

Hey this sounds really cool! I’ve been busy doing Aragon stuff all day every day for the last month or so, but I’d love to explore and collaborate with some of the other DAO projects out there too. Would need to create a new Discord, but yeah I’m down to chat :slight_smile: