Prtcl - Interesting project, "like git for ideas and conversation"

In the Discord, @mzargham posted a link to Prtcl, which has the tagline “Like Git. But for ideas and conversation.” @mzargham suggested writing a plugin for it.

I think this is a really interesting idea. It looks like it’s a system for producing/sharing ideas which is based on primitives of collaboration, forks, open access. In that sense, very aligned with SourceCred. Even more so when I look into CollectiveOne, the org behind Prtcl. They seem to be aiming for something similar to SourceGrain, except not aimed at open-source projects in particular.


Contributions are recognized and valued relative to each other using project-specific tokens.


The ownership of each project is linked to contributions, and, therefore, to tokens. The more you contribute, the more you should own.

That said, I tried to poke around their prototype, and it was kind of confusing, and also seemed a little abandoned. The top-level documents seemed to be mostly advertisements for other projects, and the instance for CollectiveOne seemed like a fairly disorganized stream of messages with last updated timestamp 100s of days ago.

So, seems like an interesting project to keep an eye on, but not clear that they have an MVP that would be really interesting to engage with right now.

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Interesting. It seems like they’re exploring concepts and tools that overlap considerably (tokenizing documents, shared ownership, recording and rewarding value, blockchain UI/UX, git, javascript, Ethereum tokens, etc.).

However, after poking around for a bit, it seems this stalled out before they could explore much of these ideas. The fact that they have JS libraries that run webservers, git, and interact with the Ethereum blockchain is encouraging (and probably constitutes considerable work). Wonder if that could be leveraged at some point down the line? But it seems like currently it’s basically just a smart contract where a single address controls write access to JSON files on IPFS, using git (though that could just be on the server not on-chain). The pulling in other parts of documents (composability) is new to git I suppose, though enterprise-grade technical writing software has had this capability for a couple decades. I tried to wrap my head around it more to see if there was anything else, but the documentation is very sparse, and doesn’t talk about any more advanced functionality explicitly. If they pick this back up and start implementing things like fractional ownership/control, UI/UX around that, could be helpful when we implement boosting and other on-chain UI/UX.

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