Grant writers(?) unite(?)

I know we have some people here and there, writing grants and having less formal interactions with communities/entities that might want to give us some sweet, sweet money for work we’re already doing or for work we want to do. I want to get all of those people talking and sharing resources on the regular. Maybe someone knows of 10 opportunities but only has the bandwidth to work towards 2. Maybe there are templates that get used and someone else might want to use it. Maybe two people are independently colliding and each trying to get a grant from one application pool. Maybe we do want two related grants going to that pool. Maybe we want two unrelated grants! Maybe they should collaborate on one!

Would anyone involved in that kind of work be interested in having a regular meeting about it? I keep hearing that this or that DAO has lots of funding they’re looking to spread around, but I don’t know if anyone is capturing or tracking it. It’s not quite Marcoms, it’s not quite Ecosystems, it’s not quite Product. It’s Revenue. Interested co-communities willing to tithe and whatnot might fit in there too. If we want to move towards sustainability, this is a key function/group. We need to have some form of organization around this, in my humble and poorly informed opinion. At least a spreadsheet tracking funding options, whatever they may be, who is working on what, and what they’re doing about it. Can we make it more visible/transparent, whatever that might look like?


This is Great I wanna start By linking in a few possibilities that I’m holding in my head…

  • Optimism : Funding public goods / 1Million dollars via Quadratic funding

  • : “Our Grants Program offers recurring grants of up to $100k for public applications, which are tracked transparently on Github and disbursed in cryptocurrencies. Exceptions to these requirements and higher funding are also possible.”

  • The Stacks Foundation Grant Program : “The Grants Program funds builders and developers who are creating developer tools, community resources, applications, and research that serve our mission of a user owned internet, powered by the Stacks Blockchain.”

  • gitcoin grants 12th round kicks off in FEB 2022

  • Moonshot Collective : Born from gitcoin…The Moonshot collective gathers once a month to receive new pitches.

I’m sure there’s a few floating around in my head and I know were already working with Stacks but I wanted to set them down.

We have some incredible Grants in motion and It wouldn’t hurt to have more writers in the mix.


Very into this. We definitely do need more grant work, and that requires more communication and clarity. At last week’s Weekly Update it was revealed that someone (I think @benoxmo?) already created a Discord channel for grant stuff; it’s been invite-only due to privacy concerns. I’ll make sure you’re invited. I made a spreadsheet for tracking grant work, which you can find there (not dropping the link here due to privacy concerns). A regular grant (and general income) jam sounds like a fantastic idea.

I do think we need to make both the channel and the spreadsheet more visible so people can jam on it. The “privacy concerns” have been pretty vague so far – I’m curious: what sorts of information do we actually need to be careful with? What sorts of info could people use maliciously here, and how?

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From @lotusleaf in the server:

“Takes 5 mins to fill out - get up to $1M in funding.”

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