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The following is a literal copy/paste from my note-taking app >_> Further reinforces the terrifying concept: every time you have a good idea… at least 10 other people have the same idea :rofl:


[Something along the lines of making documentation of server/ project contributions tokenized assets on a decentralized ledger. The idea originally formed as a solution for allowing the modificatioan and/or manipulation of digital IP for not only the benefit of the modifiers and consumers, but also the original IP holder(s). I.e if all contributors to a, let’s say video game IP, are receiving donations, the donations can be made to an interest bearing pool that pays the mods based on interest accrued from community support.

The ledger would double as a contribution/transaction ledger that can pay out individuals for individual contributions to a much larger scale project. If the IP holders deem the project inappropriate or not in line with their interests, the project can be canceled and the community’s funds returned. If by chance the IP adopts, the pool can be converted into a DAO project with IP controlling majority right of dissemination.

One of the biggest problems in the tech industry today is: lack of contribution progeny… i.e , people are never really duly credited for innovative individual contributions (at least on a meta scale, can’t generalize individual company cultures) , but what if progeny of contribution, and measuring that contribution’s value was ledgered and automated by an outside independent source :thinking: maybe even some kind of decentralized autonomous organization? It’d open the door for allowing developer freedoms to move between project to project and even potentially extend IP rights (or royalties) to originally contributed code long after a developer has moved on from a project.]

IF you read all that… you’re a G.O.A.T

Brian Sharkey


Welcome Brian! If it makes you feel better, I recently discovered that this basic idea was first proposed in 1960 by Ted Nelson, the first academic to conceive of a digital network (before they actually existed). He was a self styled beatnick from the Bay Area, way early to LSD, and in a Keroac inspired academic paper described text and media traveling in digital networks (he coined the term hypertext), with a micropayment system that would pay royalties to those that create info/IP that is later used by others :exploding_head: He wasn’t really suited to building though, and never saw his vision realized. He lives on a houseboat in Saulsalito (cc: @CBT).

Below is a video of Jaron Lanier, tech liminary and critic, talking about Ted and his idea at a talk at Microsoft back in 2016.

Thank you for posting this. I’ve been meaning to dig up this clip and post about it, never finding the time. But your post inspired me! I find it satisfying that this reply is creating a connection in the graph, which is flowing Cred and money to you (should you claim it;)


it makes me think of this : https://www.2key.network/


Hell yea! It’s always so exciting to see the same ideas showing up independently of each other over and over. I’m glad you found your way to the space in general, and our space specifically! We tend to attract people who already have this vision (or some version of it) in their heart.

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