CredSperiment Week 3 Distribution

I’ve published the Week 3 distribution here.

We’ve had a good first few weeks of the CredSperiment (no crazy gaming), but a consistent point of feedback has been that the $ amounts have been too low to be really meaningful. I increased the distribution amount by 6x, from 50,000¤ ($500 redeemable) to 300,000¤ ($3000 redeemable). We’ll go further still, especially as we build out systems like initiatives that will give us more confidence in the cred. Consider this a step in the right direction.

Thanks to @Beanow for factoring the logic out into sourcecred/payouts, which I used.


:tada: now we’re looking at more significant numbers. Curious to see what this will mean to people.

One thing I noticed is we probably need to support the merging of identities in the payout tools as well. I spotted some grain going to github/@s-ben while sourcecred/@s_ben exists and should be getting this.

Also, I thought I was doing pretty decent recently in terms of regular contributions but what happened with your score @decentralion? :open_mouth: The previous record for weekly cred was 80.


Would love to see weekly attribution in the explorer to know what happened. My intuition was to look at Github / User and Discourse / User to split your score in terms of source. Unfortunately identities didn’t allow that. Would be interesting to have I think.

Thx for catching @Beanow! That ‘-’ in my GitHub name vs ‘_’ in my other usernames has caused problems before. Should standardize maybe. Probably isn’t much grain for now, as nearly all my contributions have been in Discourse, but am planning on more GitHub contributions down the line.

Woot! Scores looking good.

I could use the cash, so attempting the process of cashing out :money_with_wings: Submitted an invoice for the total I manually calculated from the first three notebooks. Do let me know if I erred.

1 $15.7
2 $32.21
3 $144.35
Total $192.26

I went ahead and submitted an expense to the SourceCred collective on OpenCollective. @decentralion. Just let me know if I need to do anything else or resubmit.

The process of submitting an invoice on OpenCollective was pretty smooth. Took maybe 10 minutes. They only support PayPal, which is kind of annoying, but not complaining:)

I believe the numbers you used were already totals.

This is explained in the Balances section. They’re a before and after balance.


While in Payouts, you can see what is new from this week.


In other words, you received 11,214¤ ($112.14) in week 3.
Adding week 2 and 1, the total is 14,435¤ ($144.35)

Perhaps to avoid this sort of confusion. Should we add a personal view to the notebook?

Something like a dropdown to select your username, then a view much like a traditional bank statement. Would be a handy list to add withdrawals and transfers into as well.

User: [@s_ben]

Total balance | 14,435¤
Redeemable | $144.35 *Based on 100¤ = $1 exchange rate

- Week 1 payout | +  1,570¤
- Week 2 payout | +  3,221¤
- Week 3 payout | + 11,214¤

That said, as I commented before your github user is listed separately. @s-ben | 505¤ | $5.05

If I’m not mistaken your total may need to be $144.35 + $5.05 instead.

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Technically I don’t think this should be an issue. People may have much bigger differences between usernames. For example because their names were already taken. So the identities plugin uses a config file for it.

I’m suspecting perhaps in one of the earlier weeks this identity wasn’t merged yet so some “lingering grain” was given to your github user. The payouts calculation doesn’t try to merge these, it’s only applied at the cred calculations. So merging the accounts for payout sake would be nice :]

Edit: actually it may be a bug with the plugin when calculating cred. Looking at the live instance, both your github/@s-ben and sourcecred/@s_ben exist and have cred.


Ooops! Have been a bit out of it the last few days…arithmetic hard apparently. Have edited invoice to use $112.14 (I’ll let the $5.05 ride).

While this would be a nice to have, I don’t think it’s necessary, unless other people have the same problem. I think I was just interpreting ‘Total Payout’ to mean payout for that week. Which isn’t an unreasonable assumption. If I had looked at the balances sheet instead of just adding the total payouts up (which were cumulative) though, it would have been clear.

Yeah, this would be quite valuable. I think we should prioritize Cred Analysis Notebooks and then we can start to experiment with notebooks that reveal this decomposition. Then we can canonicalize them in the production UI.

Cool. As we transition to larger payouts, I intend to start using OpenCollective only for small payouts, and have the material ones get paid directly from sponsor to contributor. Using OpenCollective + PayPal involves a lot of transaction processing overhead, unfortunately (something like 10-15% of total).

Yeah, there’s definitely some bug that is causing s-ben and s_ben not to get reconciled. I suspect that I did a bad job with the regex and it isn’t accepting - or something like that.

After fixing that bug, we will need to update the payout logic to be able to merge identities together (so that we’ll calculate Seth’s combined lifetime grain payout properly). It’s a little tricky because while combining identities is easy, but un-combining identities is not (could wind up with an identity with negative balance if done naively). So this will take a bit of thought to get right.

Why $112.14 and not $144.35? Feel free to withdraw the $5.05 or let it ride, you’ll get it eventually either way. :slight_smile:

I basically haven’t slept for a couple nights. Taking a break from doing financial calculations :grimacing: Can just keep it at $112.14.

Approved the payment of $112.14. Woo! First real flow of money in the CredSperiment. :tada:

Cha ching :partying_face: :money_with_wings:

Can’t see it in my PayPal yet, but see it approved in OpenCollective. Presumably still working its way through their system.

FYI, it looks like the PayPal payment finally went through, ~4 days later. Though the payment on my end is still marked as PENDING. So might now be in transit from OpenCollective’s bank account to mine? Man, much as getting paid in crypto has is a PITA (volatility, being looked at like a criminal), it does expose how indefensibly inefficient the fiat settlement rails are. End rant.