Cred Analysis Notebooks

Cred Analysis Notebooks

Initiative Description:

Observable Notebooks have proven extremely useful tools for building new interfaces, experiences, and workflows on top of SourceCred. For example, look at the payout notebooks (week 1, week 2).

However, I believe we’ve only scratched the surface of what we could do with notebooks. We could use them to build whole new explorations or deep dives into SourceCred scores themselves. Here are a few concrete examples:

  • Person<->Person cred flow analysis: For each user in SourceCred, run SourceCred treating that person as the “seed node”. See how the cred distributes across other users. This will show which people are collaborating and endorsing each other, and whether some people are acting as “cred sinks” or “cred black holes”.

  • Initiative-scoped cred: For a given initiative, treat that initiative as a seed, and see who has cred in the initiative.

  • Reverse-initiative scoped cred: For any given person, back out which initiatives give them cred.


We will be able to iterate on and share SourceCred research and analysis dramatically faster. Right now, our iteration cycle is constrained by updating the core SourceCred codebase (slow and expensive). We can move R&D iteration into notebooks (fast and cheap).

Implementation plan:

  • Once we make it possible to depend on the SourceCred core from notebooks (see below), we should be able to start experimenting and making these notebooks.

Estimated Work (hours):

Probably 3-5 hours per notebook.




None yet.

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