Community Call Topic Proposal: Decentralization

The community call today wound up organizing around a shared theme of “emotional labor”. I thought it was really cool how the call organically came up with a topic, it made the conversation feel more cohesive.

I’d like to propose a topic for our next community call: decentralization. This would include questions like:

  • how / when should we decentralize decision making and power in SourceCred?
  • how do we decentralize sourcecred at a technical level?
  • how centralized/decentralized will the network of projects using SourceCred be? “who controls the meta-cred-graph”

+1 talking about decentralization. Can talk about that all day. Have put on the agenda (Weekly Community Call (1/21/2019)) and posted in #community-call on Discord with an invitation to discuss, in spirit of decentralization.