Upcoming: SourceCred Governance Jam 1/15

Hello everyone,

The core team had a meeting today wherein we outlined our goals and plans for the upcoming SourceCred Governance Jam on Friday the 15th at 1 PM Pacific time (see calendar).

This will be an important jam session, as we’ll discuss how we want to run SourceCred as a project (or foundation, in the future), in both a structural sense as well as a cultural one, i.e. how should we decide on things like Cred flows or Grain distributions that affect everyone? What team structures should we use? What are people’s responsibilities and how do we maintain accountability? (Etc. etc.)

For this Jam, we are planning to discuss several possible systems of governance that we have found to align with our values, our mission, and our community goals of being a people-first, decentralized / distributed cooperative organization. Each system is getting a 5-minute presentation along with 5 minutes of discussion thereafter.

If you know of a system of governance that you think is a great fit for SourceCred, please consider preparing a 5-minute presentation to share on Friday as well. Your presentation can be a roam note, a single slide powerpoint, a Miro board, whatever you want; the purpose is to 1) make a case explaining that system and why it’s a good fit for SC (the organization), and 2) a rudimentary action plan for how we would implement it. Bonus points if there are workshops we could attend to help us implement that system!

The systems we are considering (& presented by):

For more details and thoughts, see our Roam meeting notes from today’s call.


Although it’s tangentially related, I found that Teal organizations are a great reference point when we think about developing governance.

As background to the different ways humans organize and the core practices of Teal organizations, I made this little deck: How Humans Organize - Google Slides

  1. Thank you for creating these slides in such an easy to absorb way.
  2. My brain was humming with happiness every slide in.

I see and value the work that went into this and I want to let you know that this helped me have a great “AHA” moment.

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That’s awesome. Wendell Britt Jr (who I believe is already acquainted with SC) is also way in Teal/Integral and could be a resource if we end up seeking development there.