Retrospect vs Prospective Cred

From what I gather, currently the app is aggregating historical data from the repo graphs to asses how a finite pool of cred could be distributed across all the actions and contributors at the current state.

So this lead me to wonder, this feels a bit historical and retrospective – have you considered or thought about ways to it could be more prospective or predictive? Two scenarios which came to mind for me were:

  1. If you made a new contribution, could you predict or estimate how much cred it would accrue? [like which areas of the repo would be valuable to concentrate effort on?]
  2. If a new pull request was logged, based on say characteristics or location in the graph, could SourceCred suggest which collaborators might be best suited to address it? [i.e. obvious one would be for a bug whoever originally worked on it, but I can imagine many much more nuanced answers to this…]