Cred-literacy : how the algorithm works

Long time no hear, I’ve made a simplified example to illustrate how the algorithm works when a post is made in discourse and its gets a like. It’s an iteration based on the discussions with @decentralion and @miyazono.

You can explore & add comments : here

The only missing part is the final cred score computation (red square at the bottom). If needed, I could make another one with the initial cred score for individuals at the beginning. It will enable the finale cred score computation but it may overcharge the graph. Unless there is a patch/trick we could do on this last part…

It could be used also for a more designed & visual piece as suggested by @KuraFire in some other posts


This is awesome! I’m glad it simplifies by abstracting away users. When discussing user cred score computation, it’s going to get a little wild now that CredRank is launched. Maybe this will be of use to you:

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I wanna mention how much I love this and would like to see someone walk me through it I would love to have like a meeting on zoom or discord of someone explaining this walking through it and maybe a Q&A at the end, and after that this could be posted to youtube or something as part of a literacy series, just an idea