Discourse mirror revision


Looking into the requirements for the initiatives plugin, I found some issues, room for improvement and needed to add functionality. The combination feels like the release of a new version of the Discourse plugin.

Making a proposal to check if this makes sense as an initiative.

Status: Completed

As of the merging of https://github.com/sourcecred/sourcecred/pull/1465 this is now available for use from the master branch :]

As of https://github.com/sourcecred/sourcecred/pull/1482 the old version is removed. Completing this Initiative.




Implementation plan:


  • Discourse no longer needs an API key.
  • Mirroring happens by searching for bumped topics. Making it faster and more robust, especially when interrupting the first load.
  • Editing posts is now supported.
  • Deleting posts is partially supported (when a topic is updated, posts deleted from it are reflected).
  • Overall code quality improvements from refactoring and extra test coverage.





A good example of retroactive initialization. :slight_smile: Also a valuable improvement to the Discourse plugin! Especially the “Discourse no longer needs an API key” aspect. I would boost this if I could :slight_smile:

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I’ve set the Initiative to completed.

Also, I think it’s really awkward to add myself as Champion, but think it would make sense. If you agree, would you sign me up there? :smiley:

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Done :slight_smile: (20char 20char)