Jeremy Rifkin's economic flows

For those who don’t know Jeremy Rifkin, he is one of the more famous economists saying will get free stuff in the future based on exponential growth.

This lecture of his is a good introduction on his work.

In a more recent discussion, he said the following: 22:33 “We are moving from markets to networks, we’re moving from transactions to flows.”

This seems basically describing SourceCred. I wonder if anyone has read his books and is able to find more on this part that might be useful for the community.


Check out Bodo Hoenen’s work on Open-Social Innovation and Super Collective Intelligence

He goes into depth about Combinatorial Innovation (using lego blocks as a metaphor for modular + composable systems), which is also in the lineage of W.B. Arthur, Stuart Kaufman, Cesar Hidalgo…

He identifies a licensing system that will enable this, and a clone/merge token mechanism that will help keep R&D rolling at lower and lower costs (akin to Rifkin’s predictions about the Zero Marginal Cost Society).

Honestly, love Rifkin’s work. The outcome is like Fully-Automated Luxury Communism, only Rifkin’s writing is less heedlessly provocative, and much, much more rigorously evidence-based.