SourceCred Discourse Admin Docs

Docs on best practices around SourceCred Discourse management.

Every Discourse feature or plugin that is used to create and manage this Discourse should be listed here.

Every comment in this thread should be a Wiki. Please only create or edit Wikis in this thread. This will keep things organized for future readers. Also, if/when this thread becomes an Artifact then all contributors will get Cred :slight_smile:

Helpful Highlevel Resources

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Pinned Threads

For pinned threads the preview tries to show as much of the first comment as possible. In order to make the pinned threads easy for new users to scan, we should keep the first comment to one or two sentences. Then we can create a new comment below with the bulk of the information.

If you’re wondering what I’m talking about try going to the SourceCred Discourse on a private browser. The pinned threads are easy to read because the first comment is just a sentence or two. Also, if you go to the Categories page you’ll see that the pinned threads in each category also preview the first comment.

It’s important when pinning threads to keep the first comment short and sweet :slight_smile:

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Category titles should be capitalized.

Dates and Times

Placeholder for the date/time stuff.

Updating Broken Links

Sometimes people might delete posts. This could be due to cleaning up the forum to make docs more readable, or because something was moved. This is great, but it can break links, and thus Cred flow.

Let’s consider two categories of broken link:

  • a broken reference from a regular post
  • a broken reference from a supernode

For the regular links, each reference generally won’t flow a ton of cred, and I think this happens pretty rarely, so I wouldn’t worry about it overmuch.

For the supernode links, many people will have the ability to edit or suggest changes to a supernode, so it should be easy for the community to crowdsource a fix.

Open Questions

We should also look into the specific cases where links can get broken… If a post gets moved, does Discourse provide a redirect? If we can enumerate the redirects somehow then we could have a pure technical fix. We suspect that when a post gets deleted, links to other posts in the thread will be unaffected, (and obviously there’s no way to recover the link to the deleted post).

Markdown Basics

Discourse Basics

Splitting Topics

First, select the gear icon in the top right hand side when viewing a topic. image

Select, the first action, “Select Posts”


You can choose which posts in the topic you want to move. You can also select a post and all its replies. Once you’ve selected the posts you want to move, choose “move to” in the right hand menu.

You will now be able to split the posts into a new topic, or re-organize them into an existing topic.

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Solved integration is currently enabled in the Help category. To enable it for other categories go to the admin settings in the category, then scroll to the bottom and enable the solved plugin.

The colors were changed because the default is that the footer is the opposite of the main background for contracts. To change this you have to go into the CSS of the plugin and change .custom-footer background to $primary-low.

The default background is black. This Discourse changed the background in .d-header by adding background: $primary-low;. In .custom-header-links a font: bold; parameter was added. (the font:bold thing may or may not actually do anything)