SourceCred overview copy

I needed to give a brief overview of SourceCred for a talk description, and came up with the copy below. I think it might by my cleanest “short description” of SC to date. Please share any feedback. If people like it, maybe we could put it up on to help people orient.

SourceCred is a social algorithm and a cryptoeconomic system. The social algorithm assigns reputational “cred” scores to contributors based on the value they’ve added to the project. The cryptoeconomic system distributes “grain” tokens to those contributors, and creates incentives for sponsors to buy and burn those tokens. We intend it as a general purpose protocol that decentralized organizations can use for reputation, rewards, and governance.

At the same time, SourceCred is an active experiment in incentivized open source, as everyone contributing to the project both earns cred and receives grain.

Reads well and captures a lot succinctly.

Perhaps this is another post, but wondering if we can call SourceCred “credibly neutral”? Vitalik (who will be at Sustain Web3) mentions “Reputation systems involving transitive trust graphs” as an example in his recent paper (below).