Stacking cred with (grain/isk/mana) gravitational effects?

A thing that came to mind talking about the dynamic between cred and the second quantity.

Cred flow has had this situation where being someone with higher cred can create circular reasoning. This issue is worth more cred, because a high cred person engaged with it, earning the high cred person more cred. I’m sure this has been discussed a lot before.

Adding on top of this a second quantity, I wonder if this will amplify or dilute this effect. Would it sidestep the clout of high cred people because there’s now the option to drop a lot of money and boost issues you’re interested in, lowering the barrier to entry? Or would it instead give high cred people a chance to decide they’re not going to pay out their cred in dollars, so they can boost issues the high cred people will likely engage with and let them snowball?


Great question. Now that we have a principled way to boost issues that doesn’t create circular reasoning directly in the graph, I think we should move away from graph circularity. The circularity produces a lot of weird dynamics; I’d rather replace it with a more principled / thought-out mechanism.

I wrote a post on the subject here: De-circularizing SourceCred

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