Weekly Community Call (3/31/2020)

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Join us for the weekly SourceCred community call! Community calls typically occur every is Tues at 11am (PST).

Meeting Info

3/31/2020, 11am (PST)

Google calendar event (has link to call)

If you’d like a direct email invitation to the event, please send @s_ben a private message with your email.


Group updates

  • Everyone on call gives a quick update on what they’ve worked on in the last week.

CredSperiment update

  • Update from @decentralion about progress, feedback from participants.

Open community Q&A

  • Anyone is invited to ask questions.


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Action Item 2

Action Item 3


Person 1

Person 2

Person 3

Are Community calls still taking place on Tue? What about developer ones on Th?

Yup. Community call every Tues 11pm (PST), team call every Thrus 11pm (PST). If you shoot me an email, can add you to the Google calendar invites.