A few likes left today

Been super busy throughout Nov. Now catching up on SourceCred stuff. Got a message saying that I only have a few likes left today. I usually do my reading and posting batches, but have never gotten this message before. Is this a feature or a bug?

Werid. Never seen that, but apparently the number of likes you have is determined by your trust level. Perhaps @decentralion can use his admin powers to up your trust level? They did that for me when I first joined so I wouldn’t get throttled for comments iirc.

Here are the current settings:

@burrrata, you’re trust-level 2, so you should have 75 likes per day.

If folks feel these settings should be tweaked, feel free to propose new configurations.

Huh… That’s very strange. I definitely did not give out 75 likes. Probably more like 10 or 20. Very odd. Maybe just a ghost in the shell or something?