"Differential Liking" to signal value of a contribution more precisely

the problem: If somebody answers a simple question, makes a channel announcement or even a fun joke I give that person a like. How does CredRank distinguish those cases from more important, more valuable contributions? @LB mentioned the problem of high Cred for the discord announcement channel. But I argue this is only one case of the more general problem.

I am new and will have missed many relevant past discussions, so I hope I didn’t miss anything to obvious.

Here my proposed solution: Make the like button clickable multiple times. To save clicks double the like-count at every click. (And display the like-count somewhere near the button while clicking). For others to see how many likes a post obtained one could only count 1 like per person. And make the heart size or something else indicate the average number of clicks per like. Adding multiple exclamation marks or multiple hearts could also do the trick

How valuable any given like is, remains to depend on the cred of the liker.

I think Facebook and co should have this as well to stop low quality content from the general public but that is a different story.

We would not want a system which requires time consuming interaction (by to much clicking). But currently I sometimes felt like I couldn’t like something as it was not important in the long term, even though if it was a small/ friendly contribution. Differential liking could strike the balance?

Of course bagdes vs likes are somewhat of a differentiation. But why not keep those and go further? So far I don’t understand why this would not be useful - would love some harsh feedback :thinking:

Sidenote: of course “quadratic liking” would be a cooler name. However unlike quadratic funding the cost of voting doesn’t go up when using more likes. So the name is not ideal.

At the moment, on Discord we have a way of addressing this where the :sourcecred: emoji is worth more Cred than regular emojis, although Discourse doesn’t really support a way to do this.

Once we build the Creditor, I want something like this to be a built-in feature, where when you are boosting a contribution, you can set your boost weight on a fibonacci scale (e.g. 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, …). We played with the Fibonacci weighting at CredCon, it seems like a nice framing to explore the fact that some things are many times more important than other things.

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I’m in favor of this for the Creditor too. I don’t think it’s possible on any of Discord, Discourse, and GitHub to even do this.