An introduction, and saying "hi", and thoughts... glad to be here!

Where I’m at…

So I’m new here, and have participated in a few meetings, looked over in depth project docs/site for SC. Got some ideas how I can contribute, also how sourcecred can be integrated into projects and ambitions I’ve envisioned along my journey in the web3 space. Adding sourcecred to the “stack” of what will successfully create a viable, useful, long term project I think will be foundational. I’m rooting for sourcecred and everyone here!

I like the openness and transparency with the project and community so far. I like the care among each other I’ve seen too. I have a background in tech, and also as BCBA(Board Certified Behavior Analyst). So I’ve liked seeing how meetings have started with check-ins. I like the reinforcement of behavior through praise(props), and the idea of accumulating recognition points in the form of CRED. Which of course can also be tied into monetary reward(reinforcement) of such behaviors. I do also hear the concerns about focuses on monetary issues, but thankfully I don’t really sense any of the team being in bed with capitalistic transgressions against humanity. I see that you all see that “old guard way” and are building something for the “new world”. I am glad to be a part, in some small way or big way, (who knows the future?)

What I’m planning going forward…

I have a lot of things in my heart I wish to accomplish in the public goods space of web3. It’s a blessing and a curse so to speak. At time, this has caused paralysis, with so much to do, where to start etc. I want to say sourcecred has fanned the flame a bit. I see light at the end of the tunnel. These visions of projects I of course cannot do alone. Neither should they be done alone in some autocratic, dictatorship kind of way. I’d love to just seed the ideas, help plant, help water, then walk away when it’s time. I think sourcecred can help me with these missions.

I am going to stand up at least one sourcecred instance over the break. I’m going to document this journey, at the behest of @ALOYSIOUS. Once I’ve set up my instance, tested things, I’m going to write about the process. I am also part of the ENS DAO, and would love to introduce sourcecred to them at the right time. For me to know the right time, I will be experimenting with sourcecred personally, and on that journey in my own project, see how sourcecred fits in with other projects I’m joined with like ENS. I could imagine GRAIN being pegged to ENS, DAO would need to vote on something like this, but having been part of their ENS DISCORD even before announcement of token drop, I definitely see use cases for sourcecred right away in their discord structure and what I know about the DAO. If you’re curious, poke around there. Is sourcecred ready for this? (this is rhetorical at this point). I’m not thinking about introducing/”pitching” them sourcecred until first of year +.

Other thoughts…

Because of my background, I’m an observer. Fortunately, I have enough tech background to bring in a mix of both fields. Being a BCBA, which is basically humns programming, was an eye opening field for me to get into when I took a break from tech. Everyday big tech is using BCBA principals to program humns for their own gain. I see this other stream, in the decentralized world, to build up the person, not absorb them into the machinery for profits.

I’d love to in the future (once I learn and experience more of SC), to help with reward scheduling. I would also love to be an ambassador for sourcecred at some point in the future. I see myself as able to function as consultant/bridge for organizations onboarding into web3, or evolving their workplaces/bootstrapped startups into existence.

One of the things I’m doing in my professional career is wrapping up some certifications for AWS Cloud Architecture. I know that may seem a little backwards from web3, but I think it may help my goal of being a bridge from web2 to web3. I can envision creating some AWS images for easy install of sourcecred instances, think point click click. It would remove a learning curve and barrier for orgs that may not have a large tech team to implement the technical bits of sourcecred.

With that said, I would like to suggest putting our heads together to create some type of ambassador program. Maybe this exists? If so I’ve not seen it. I think having individuals be a bridge for adoption into sourcecred is vitally important. I could even see “ambassadors” collabing with a sourcecred grant writing team that might help a third party org get funding to implement sourcecred by shooting sourcecred X GRAIN for full setup. Maybe this exists? It’s not anywhere I’ve seen in my research so far.

Finally, I’m a big fan of ENS like I mentioned. I was going to bring up an idea in the last weekly meeting (but we never got to “Z”. :-)). Next time I will speak up, I’m shy at times, so forgive me. I was going to say I noticed sourcecred.eth was registered. There are cool things that can be done with subdomains on ENS. For instance, orgs who have partnered with sourcecred could receive something like someorg.sourcecred.eth. Sismo DAO is doing something like this. Could be lots of use cases, even SSO into gated sourcecred resources, or even a DAPP dashboard instead of GitHub (which is web2 don’t forget).

Anyways, these are my thought, and saying hi, and thank you, and looking forward to the future.



can relate :sweat_smile:

I’m wicked stoked you’re here and I’m looking forward to building with you! :computer:

p.s. Ambassador program = :fire:

I just think you’re awesome and I love your energy. Feel the need to respond so I don’t forget to. I did that thing where I read your post a while ago and was like “I can’t possibly write everything I want right now…” and then forgot to write anything.

So for now, I’m really glad you’re with us. Your ENS idea (though I want to call it a plan to encourage it) is dope and I look forward to seeing it unfold with the support it and you need. And I want to ask… are you a skater? :skateboard:

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welcome, so nice to have you coming here and dropping some cool thoughts.

Regarding ENS & sourcecred + your will of experimentation, a very nice way (I did with namebase : the handshake protocol) is actually to setup the instance for ENS on your own repo. In my mind, it makes the experience more interesting since :

  • you experience the process (joy&pain) of launching an instance
  • you deal with real data from a project of your interest
  • changing parameters on these data will provide you some in depth, or at least a gateway, to some interesting observations

@META_DREAMER had this approach for yearn finance. I’ve found it really powerful.

You don’t ask. You do it. You show it. You trigger a discussion. You adjust & caliber the parameters. The community decide.


I don’t skate, but love dancing :slight_smile:

Thank you for the suggestions. So I’d be able to test this with the SourceCred Discourse plugin, as well as GitHub if I fork it, and monitor my own repo of it?

Discord won’t work, as I won’t have access to connect the plugin/bot. I set up my own instance for a project, but only configured Discord, plus there’s not so much activity.

I’ll go ahead and try with ENS data using Discourse and GitHub. Will be fun to learn. I was bored not having any data to play with testing on my own stuff. :laughing:

Thanks for the idea!

yes, and you can ask also permissions from the mods in the discord. The bot is only reading data. They can revoke your access also after you download all the data.

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