Commons Stack + Sourcecred: Continuous OS funding

The Commons Stack is currently building out a suite of interoperable components to scale the Commons and address the issue of open source incentivization. The SourceCred attribution network is a key component feeding back participant contribution in cyber-physical commons.

The first codebase iteration of the Commons Stack will produce the Augmented Bonding Curve, a modified token bonding curve with formalized mechanisms to address the attack vectors of traditional TBCs. Higher level mechanism explainer article coming soon, for now the math can speak to the rigor of the design! :wink:

The ABC provides an economic tool for communities to pool their funds to achieve common goals, such as funding OS development. Incoming funds are split between a collateral pool and a funding pool that can be used to fund community projects. With well defined mechanisms such as the ‘exit tribute’ growing the funding pool every time a member exits capital from the local economy, the ABC creates a continuous source of community funds.

A demo of the ABC functionality can be found here, with some initial parameters that can be customized for community specific launches:

Sourcecred is perfectly aligned with this interoperable component design - a Sourcecred Commons could use the ABC component to allocate x% of the funding pool on a monthly basis directly based on cred scores received over the previous period (even without the rest of the cyber-physical commons components on the CS roadmap).

All components produced by the Commons Stack are designed, simulated and tested in cadCAD, the emerging standard for modeling cryptoeconomic systems. We look forward to discussing synergistic integrations between Sourcecred and CS components to provide continuous funding for key industry tools such as the Sourcecred attribution network!


Welcome to the Discourse @jeffemmett! Glad to hear you’re excited about using SourceCred! I agree there’s tons of shared possibilities in CommonStack + SC. I look forward to chatting during Berlin Blockchain Week; do keep us posted on how SC can be useful to the stuff you’re working on.

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That is quite a cool demo

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Happy to chat more this week about how the ABC could be a tool to provide continuous funding for further development of SourceCred, and how SC could fit into the Commons Stack component library some day in the future!

See you in the insanity! :wink: