Discord => Keybase?

Not sure if anyone here cares, but apparently Discord has terrible privacy

Keybase is kind of like Discord when it comes to features (public/private chats and lots of teams). In addition Keybase is e2e encrypted, gives users a cryptographic key they can use to sign data, and creates a web of trust with contacts. A lot of the Aragon teams use it and it’s awesome. Might be a good option instead of Discord for more casual/real-time chats and things?

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I’m open to this idea; Keybase would be better aligned with the vision + trajectory of SourceCred than Discord.

However, switching communications platforms tends to be pretty disruptive, so it’s not something that should be done lightly.

Here’s what I propose: let’s wait until we are ready to build a cred integration into chat (which clearly needs to happen eventually. :stuck_out_tongue:). At that point, we’ll do a deeper review of Keybase vs Discord (vs other options like Matrix). Whichever one we like best, we’ll build the cred integration for SourceCred into that service. And that will naturally inspire everyone to want to move. :slight_smile:


That sounds great :slight_smile:

We use Discord but don’t consider chat to be anything other than ephemeral. Usability and moderation aspects of Discord for communities is still the best I’ve found.

But totally depends on what you’re using it for. Sensitive info passed over chat it’s likely not the right choice.

My biggest concern about Discord is its non-open source nature. This is alleviated somewhat by open APIs.

I’m in the midst of looking at archiving / cross posting content from Discord to our Discourse forum.

I need to write a longer blog post about this :wink:

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It’s feeling less likely to me that we’ll switch from Discord to something like Keybase anytime soon. The fact that it’s so easy to have voice calls on Discord is a killer feature, IMO, especially since craigbot makes it easy for us to record the calls.