SourceCred Keybase Bot?

Lots of Aragon teams are interested in SourceCred. Lots of Aragon teams use Keybase. 1Hive would like to explore building a Keybase bot that monitors emoji reactions and links them to a SourceCred app in our DAO. Who is currently working on the Discourse/Discord bots/plugins and would this person like to collaborate to create a Keybase bot?

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I’m working on the Discourse plugin. I’m very focused on the CredSperiment at the moment and so I wouldn’t spend any time coding on a Keybase plugin until that’s shipped. However, I’d be happy to offer advice and guidance.

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Ok cool! Actually, starting with Discourse might be a good first step for us too. What’s the best way for me to see how the Discourse plugin works and help out with that?

Soooooo currently brainstorming how to create a new community rewards DAO for the Aragon forum, and after much back and forth settled on the fact that a meritocratic system that gives contributors voting weight is the best way to A) encourage more contributions, and B) minimize politics created by an “in” vs “out” groups. Since SourceCred isn’t ready, figured that I’d just build a quick scraper that pulls some basic stats together and then have a “DAO admin” who would mint the tokens for people (super short term 1-2month solution). Thing is… Discourse is blocking my scraping :confused:

Checked out the SourceCred GitHub, but didn’t see a “Discourse Plugin/Scraper” repo. Where are you guys working on that, and how does one get data out of Discourse?

You can see some notes here, and the discourse fetcher is here


The Discourse plugin is making fast progress towards merging! I have a pull request that properly integrates it into SourceCred, along with instructions for running it. You can take a look here. I expect it will merge into master soon. :slight_smile:

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