Discourse Backup Protocol

As @Beanow mentioned in the Discourse Admin Trust Model thread, it would be great to have a way to regularly and automatically backup Discourse data. This is important to reduce Bus Factor and increase the power of the community relative to admins in the case of a revolution (freedom to fork!).

Been putting a lot of work into optimizing and organizing Discourse lately. Would suck to lose all this work. Just created a backup just in case, but it would be awesome to define a more structure process around regularly backing up this forum and storing those backups.

It would also be great to know what the process is to recover data in the case of a problem. I assume that there’s an easy way to go from the download data to a restored forum, but honestly I have no idea. Would be great to test this.

Open to any and all ideas on how to optimize this process so that our data is safe and secure :slight_smile: