Documentation glossary and wishlist


Recently I find I’ve been making references to important concepts, for which I’m not sure if and where there is a document on it. So! Might as well start writing those down.

Would be much appreciated if you add your own to the list, are able to track down information about it, or write up some of these concepts if there isn’t anything about it yet.



So are these kind of like SourceCred memes? Complex high level concepts packaged into catchy and memorable packages that people can reference and riff off of?

Sure they could be like a meme, but that wasn’t necessarily how I thought about this glossary. If it’s commonly referred to, and (for example a newcomer) would like to know what it’s referring to, here’s a listing you can look it up from.

So, Deep, then Wide could be one of those memes to describe a concept, but Grain is either a unit or system component.