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At the Contributors Call (6/18/20) today, it was decided that I (LB) will be the Documentation Lead as many of the Cultivation related initiatives (like the mind map and the website UX audit) I’m a part of intersect well with the Documentation Branch structure.

Read the below description, or skip straight to the new SourceCred Documentation Index and add to it.

Docs Structure Proposal:

:busts_in_silhouette: The Three Documentation Audiences:

While I was puzzling over our website’s UX and what I wanted from it, I identified three broad audiences that I think are trying to solve their problems by coming to our website (and therefore our Documentation).

People who are:

  • Trying to understand what SourceCred is.
  • Trying to become a SourceCred contributor.
  • Using or hoping to use SourceCred in their community/project.

:spiral_notepad: The Corresponding Documentation Categories and their Sections

Based on these groups, we could create three distinct branches of the documentation organized by audience:

1. :open_book: Learn More About SourceCred

  • The vision / strategy / values / philosophy.
  • The mechanics / core functions / practical application.

2. :wrench: Help Create SourceCred

  • Social norms of the community
  • Getting involved

3. :play_or_pause_button: Using SourceCred in Your Community

  • Set up guides
  • Technical Documentation
  • Community building guidance

I put some example sections within each of the three categories of this proposed documentation structure. Each of those sections will have its own list of Docs, and there’s likely more sections than I’ve shown in my example above.

:mega: The Actionable Stuff:

I’ve begun putting together a spreadsheet for those who are working on writing Documentation to organize themselves. If you’re involved in docs or have a good perspective on the project (whether because you have a lot of context, or because you’re a newcomer) please please add your docs to this new index!


  • Add the docs you’re writing currently to the spreadsheet.
  • Comment on the structure of the Sections, Categories, and Fields in the comments of this Discourse Post.
  • Add docs you’d like to see written (mark their status as “wishlist”)

Check it out now: SourceCred Documentation Index


<3 LB


Really like the high-level structure, makes a lot of sense.

Super busy with other things right now, but looking to pick off a doc or three when I get the chance, and happy to support doc efforts generally in any way I can.

Lovely! Probably the biggest task in my mind right now is taking stock of everything that’s in the process of being written, and everything that’s on the wishlist. Adding things to the documentation index spreadsheet would rad af.

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