Facilitated Discussion: What Does Cred Mean to You?

We now have notes, a full transcript and a place to talk about this topic more! This was a super generative conversation with a lot of threads to pull at more. TL;DR available in first comment below. This meeting took place on September 21, 2021.

The Roam Note is here.

The recording is here.

The transcript is here.

PLEASE let me know if I have mis-summarized you in the notes or (significantly) misheard you in the transcript and I will edit accordingly.

Let’s gooooooooooo


Cred is: a reflection of contributions, the degree of relational embeddedness/engagement, reputation score, commitment, not dimensional enough, scoring, how visible you are in a space, pretty good at catching foundational contributions, a step in the right direction but not perfect, SEO-able, not great at capturing less visible work, confusing (and the graph is confusing), leaving out the little guys, engagement, an experiment, work to engage with, influence, logistics, missing some areas of work, the ability to collaborate and communicate that collaboration, an intersubjective measure of contribution, correlated with the level of dopamine rush information gives while undervaluing less sexy work, not what it was originally intended to be, favoring of extraversion, a neverending game to improve, poor at capturing personal growth, a number, not a consensus.

We want:

  • Multidimensional cred – would it help us better reflect introverted work, consistent but unsexy work? Instances inside instances, giving us better granularity on the nature of the cred received? More plugins?
  • Wider adoption, bringing us better data?
  • Impact valued retroactively – which events were foundational on the timeline to get here? Cred historian? A tree data structure better linking activity?
  • Boosting?
  • Cred as an input to governance?
  • To figure out what the barriers are between the ideas that get us excited (historically and new) that don’t end up getting done. Different priorities? Lack of desire/inspiration? Lack of tools/access for people interested (hard to implement a lot if you aren’t a dev)? Poor accessibility of the graph (confusing, requires a ton of manual combing through to even start getting intuitions about it)? Do we need better data analysis and visualization tools/people/resources? (cadCAD?)

What would it look like for cred to not be a number and/or the graph to be more accessible/visual? Badges!, adding meaning to the graph with color saturation, more aligned with indigenous modes of tracking, numbers still in the background but centering the design space between the numbers and how it’s displayed to humans, an entirely new/additional product rather than changes to our current product