Cred visualization : giving context & the pulse of your community

@AL0YSI0US shared an insightful article on the need of finding context & pulse for communities.

The more information i come across in the crypto space, the more “context & accessibilty” seem to be critical to keep on boarding people. Web3 projects are already quite packed in terms of information & development. As a newcomers it’s getting harder to get hooked or even to find the first “call-to-action” so as to start contributing.

In the article, I really enjoyed the design & context for a community displayed at forefront :

once our token is launched, it would be nice to have our own page there too

But what caught me even more is the need to catch** the pulse **of the community to get an activation effect for contributors. That’s where SC has a compelling use case to match this need.

It has some strong echoes with past demands from our co-communities, thinking of MG @peth-yursick or MF with @META_DREAMER for a better visualization of the value computed by SC.

It seems like a good timing (?!) to have a sideproject / spinoff that would dedicate 100% its energy to:

  1. a more visual display of cred, cf the push made by @blueridger with Neo4j

  2. an integration into the existing tools of one’s community (maybe into discord…)


I love the idea of making a Forefront page. That looks like a really digestible format for newcomers to learn what we’re about, what we’re doing, and how to get involved. It looks like our front page is already listed in their resources page, which is wonderful. I’m definitely in favor of making a FF page once our token is launched.

I’m curious what you mean by “the pulse”! Do you mean like, the driving force of the project?

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I couldn’t agree more…I have been admiring Forefront’s newsletters and front end.
There are a few other places I have seen us front facing. In the near future I hope SC will be on the BrightID

Newsletters in my experience are a great way to share updates too for safety / Been pondering on situational awareness, that’s what a newsletter is for. Cool way to share updates from the working groups that have been established. / Tweets could emerge from there.

We have had interest for a Long time for visualizations.

In regards to our Token / being clear about what it represents / what it will influence through its existence will be important to identify and articulate.

For me the pulse statement is about being able to visually represent the mycelium and flowing changes of our project. Breing able to use data visualizations to draw a map of what were up to and allow it to come to life as individuals and moments influence the course of the project. A living breathing map of our activity based on / and in good faith, everyone’s intrinsically motivated value flows. {or at least I think that’s the vision I’m holdin’ out for}

I’m really interested in Token Utility / Social Tokens Navigating web3 Spaces and creating pathways for Autonomy to eventually Secure Anonymity in the future of work. Identity [humxn and industry] stuff is what im geeking on these days.

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In my mind, the “pulse” is where the work & the attention of the community are at a given moment. It’s like the layer where the value is being created or should be created given the objectives.

Capturing this state layer aka “the pulse” makes possible for anyone to see where the action is happening. And it will eventually make easier the activation for contributors.