SC Template for Community Onboarding

Lets write a template,

Topics to cover in the template, feel free to add to these.

  • Elevator Pitch
  • Graph, nodes and edges
  • Cred
  • Giving Cred
  • Receiving Cred
  • Weight System
  • Distribution of Grain (X Token)

** side note I don’t think it’s necessary to cover gaming the system in this doc. Ideally SC, or the communities that use them, are game resistant and handle any that comes up. Important, but not the place.

Template Start

The SourceCred Guide to Community Empowerment

:sourcecred: “SourceCred is a tool for governance, but not a replacement for governance” :sourcecred:

      -Dandelion Mańe, SourceCred Founder

The Graph

______ is powered by the SourceCred graph. We, the ______ community, build our own personal version of SourceCred that is tailored to our specific wants and needs. It represents Decentralized Autonomous Value.

______ community can be modeled as a sum of our connections. Each connection you make to another human is recorded in the graph, tailoring your rewards to your engagement, and vice versa, others rewards to your (and the rest of the communities) engagement. To do this, SC created a specialized algorithm.


Enter Cred! But first…

How can you possibly assign a score to a person?

How can you assign value to a person?

Easy, WE don’t, YOU do.

The same systems Siri uses to listen and understand you is used in SourceCred to calculate your Cred score. Thousands/millions of balancing actions occur behind the graph to get you your number. This number, known as a Cred score, is your little percentage of the ______ community.

Giving and Receiving Cred

   Rule 1: Cred is never lost.

   Rule 2: There are no rules.

Cred is costless, inflationary, and intrinsic. That’s what makes it great. Cred is shareable. When you give Cred you do not lose Cred. instead you mint more Cred to give. Give Cred, and you’re more likely to get Cred in return.

Weight System

SourceCred uses weights to measure how much Cred you want to give.

These are ______'s weights:


:sourcecred: : 16 Cred

:heart:, :+1:, :smile:, etc… : 1 Cred


:heart: : 4 Cred


Pull Request : 16 Cred

PR Review : 1 Cred

This means reacting witn Discord with :sourcecred: is worse 16x all other emojis.

Distribution of Grain (X Token)

All of SourceCred’s effort gives us percentages. Percentages of the token that is distributed to each member. ______ can use these to dish out ______ token. SourceCred provides us with what members have earned over this week and over all time. This can be deemed a verifiable fair distribution.

Stream of consciousness writeup. Tear me apart, I can take it.

That’s the only way this will make any sense to the majority.

Nice write-up Victor. I like the general tone of the writing, and it seems like a nice start for a bite-size, Community-specific introduction to SourceCred.

I’m curious what other people and @youngkidwarrior have to say regarding the relationship of a concise document like this to something already available in the Beta Docs e.g. .

So I’m a bit confused as to what exactly this resource is and I think that’s tripping me up. What’s the intended purpose and impact of this? Is it a doc on the website? Is it for onboarding new contributors into the internal SC community? Is it for selling leaders of other projects on SC? Is it for communicating basic answers to a new community using SC?

I think providing some more context on the problem you’d like to solve as well as the goal of this resource would give me a better perspective from which to offer advice. :slight_smile:

So, this is a template for communities to paste in their chats, servers, etc. It lives completely off the website, although I should add a link to the docs.

People often don’t read the docs. Especially in large communities. This is just to remove the burden on communities to explain SC. The idea is to fill out the empty spaces, the weights, etc with their own info.

Is it for communicating basic answers to a new community using SC?

This is the closest reason for having it. It’s more to introduce SC, so they know it exists and what that entails. Then lead them to the website if they want to learn more. This is like a sparknotes for the docs I’d say.

Points of improvement I already see after a few days are:

We should add a section about Grain Distribution and Timeline Cred/CredRank

More modularity. There should be more blank spaces with recommended options to fill in. Right now it reads a bit too much like a SouceCred docs page.

Apparently that quote was said by Evan, maybe we need a different quote (feel free to suggest @decentralion ) or to change the name. I kinda like having a quote from the founder.

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