From GRAIN to MYCelium: Preface

Is this the beginning of our white paper? Or is it my sci-fi / visionary fiction rendition of our onchain future? Only time will tell :mantelpiece_clock:

The grain has sprouted but was never harvested, and has since returned to the earth to feed mycelial networks below. We may never punctuate the earth but we will always remain a thriving ecosystem underground.


This project began as an investment and it began with a pseudo-token to represent that investment in a future of productionization and civility. That future was represented by Grain.

But it took a turn… and Grain was close to becoming nothing but ROT.

Some argue the grain never sprouted, that the seeds were dead in the ground, that there was a late frost and no new growth was able to penetrate the earth as a result. But those of us underground in the grassroots, the granitic sands, and the subterranean tributaries know that the ground is fertile and rich and the only way to keep the heartbeat of the underground alive is to feed the mycelium.

The Grain is gone and it’s nutrients have led to the emergence of robust networks of MYCelium. And so MYC was born.

T. H. Thomas - Google Books version of Sikes, Wirt (1880). British Goblins: Welsh Folk-lore, Fairy Mythology, Legends and Traditions pp. 74. London: Sampson Low, Marston, Searle, & Rivington.

“Plucked from the Fairy Circle”. A man saves his friend from the grip of a fairy ring.

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stumbled across this post and want to know so much more! it’s poetic and prophetic and I yearn to understand what it is the preface for. can you share more @Jolie_Ze?


I like this idea a lot! However, I just found out about another group that seems to be doing a very similar thing to us that is literally named Myco, and that might get confusing. (Part of me is a little peeved that they’re also on the fungi wavelength, because WE’RE SPECIAL, DARN IT, but also great minds think alike?)

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Oooo, okay wait, I know we’ve been envisioning SC as mycelium (and I think that is a really apt metaphor), but what if we envision other flows, such as the flow of water? I’d especially like something that goes well with our name for branding purposes, and for some reason “source” feels connected to water for me.

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I died laughing at this comment. DARN THEM!!! I think a ton of people who are Environmental activists are naturally emulating our ecology back into systems mirroring the natural world into systems because uh well duh, evolution…we should have never deviated and we may not have, any cultures if it wasnt for Capitalism.

fun game to play in the server is to search for a keyword to see if it’s been spoken about before I serached for “myco” and got this result - takes you to SC discord via web browser [without looking its just where I shared that community w/ sourcecred] but this also feels like a teachable moment:

Keyword searching : this is how I can 1, make sure im not repeating someone and 2, helps me gain context if its been spoken of before, or even 3, shows me who to reach for b/c we have similar curiosities. I can often gain insight from others who may have been discussing a topic predating my arrival or in my absence.

As for rebranding, I don’t have an opinion about deviations at the present >> re: SourceCred I hope that we are able to articulate our “source”(s) >> identify value flows >> its kinda a perfect name for the product at hand. Giving cred to the source and all / matches the algorithms intention.

Theres also something strong about a metaphor. 1hive is a [bad ass] web3 community of buzzing bees for real and they coordinate and move in collaboration almost like bees do.

To @ezraU // :droplet: water is life. What you speak of is a powerful metaphor.

To @Jolie_Ze I’m like 100% in agreement / feel resonance with mycelium references. This is all about networks and the MYCELIUM are the greatest communicators I have encountered in nature.

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oh interesting, I don’t seem to have access to this channel!

I tend not to do this unless I’m going deep into a topic. In my experience, keyword searches often result in a lot of data to sort, and if I’m just writing < 3 short sentences about something or directing something to someone else, that seems like way too much work for my brain for very little reward. This is a good reminder to pay more mind to what has already been said and by whom, though; thank you.

Yeah mood, I think sticking with our current name is wiser, since rebranding makes for a LOT of confusion and we already have enough of that to go around.

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