Inaugural Governance Post

Several ideas related to SourceCred governance have been proposed and discussed throughout the forum. To kickstart this category I will attempt to aggregate and summarize the ideas presented so far. If I missed anything please add it here!

If you’d like to explore an idea further please do not comment in this thread. Copypasta the idea from here and open up a new thread tagged with the #governance category. Then we can explore that idea more in depth in it’s own thread :slight_smile:

EDIT: It’s really hard to go through the entire forum and aggregate topics as described in the Trails, Memex, and SourceCred. The main reason for this is that comments are huge. They span so many topics and replies to multiple parties. I’m doing my best to link to things where possible, but with the resources/infrastructure available right now it seems like just writing a summary in plain english and then linking to the general thread seems like a good way to go.

Does anyone have any ideas for more effective ways to aggregate and distill conversations?

Are there examples of other forums or communities that have an effective mechanism to do this?

One workflow I’ve been using:

  1. Note that you can keep a Discourse post-in-progress open even as you switch to another thread. (For example, while writing this post, I can follow a link to Trails, Memex, and SourceCred).
  2. While reading another post, you can highlight a section and then select quote. For example:

When you make a quote in this fashion, it writes metadata that includes:

  • Who authored the quote
  • What topic it came from
  • Which post it came from

This means it will be possible for SourceCred to automatically create cred-edges for these quotes. Also, in the Discourse frontend, a user can expand the quote to see the whole post that it came from.

I think that judicious use of this quoting feature can be easier to follow than explicit links. Also, the workflow for generating the quotes is pretty streamlined. Note you can also use the “search” icon in the top right to find a relevant post, again without breaking the flow of composing a post/reply.

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