Observable Notebook: Cred Minting by Plugin

I’ve created an Observable Notebook showing how much Cred each plugin minted in our own Cred instance.

Besides being an interesting analysis, this is a preview of the data analysis power of creating Observable notebooks–we can use them to prototype new visualizations before doing the work of hard-coding them into the official UI.

The observable notebook draws data from our live cred instance, so it will stay up to date as we get new contributions, as we change weights, etc. If you want to use the same analysis for a different instance, you can fork the notebook and just change the repo string.


Feels about right…pretty graphs.

I know three is too small a sample size to generalize too much, but wonder if there’s a pattern where whenever a new plugin is introduced, it initially generates a lot of Cred, then is displaced by the next new plugin? Once we land the Creditor, could see that take up a large share, especially in the beginning when we’re playing catchup valuing old initiatives. Or, chat just takes over. Like how Slack seems to be just becoming the main work platform in many companies.