Office Hours Agenda: 5/2

Our next office hours will be Thursday, 5/2 at 18:00 GMT / 11:00 PT / 2:00 ET. You can copy a Google Calendar event from the SourceCred calendar. The meeting itself will take place on Zoom at

Please post any items for the agenda here! Also, please help me remember to ping the Discord server 10 mins before the office hours start. :slight_smile:

Some items for the agenda:

  • Created a ‘SourceCred team’ on Figma so that we have a shared account for the SourceCred community; @Brutalfluffy could we migrate the existing figma work into this account?
  • Planning to host a “design jam” so we can build a shared brand/design foundation for SC. We can all share our answers to questions like: “what ideas/metaphors/feelings do we want SC to communicate?”.
  • An update on progress towards incorporating the Odyssey MVP. (slow but steady; could use code reviews)
  • Feedback on whether to have office hours every week (vs every other week)