#🎁 Opporuni-props: A proposal

Please, before you read this proposal, check what cap you have on :billed_cap: Make sure it’s the “yes” cap, the open-minded cap, the cap that reminds you of the Cred-Speriment. Something I think has gotten lost lately is the value of the SourceCred community specifically , that the SourceCred community is experimented on as we engage with and dogfood the product as it currently is on our platforms that are currently in use.

Please consider the following as an addition to the Creditor prototype that we’ve been working with and remember the value of having a robust community that is willing to experiment no matter what the consequences might be of that experimentation.

“Opportuni-props”! A new props channel where contributors can post to pitch a project and everyone emoji reacts to show support. Then, someone can pick up the project and the owner of the post @mentions them once they’ve completed it so that they claim the Cred of the supportive emoji reacts.

Continuing the Creditor prototyping on Discord, this channel functions as a project management tool for initiating and prioritizing projects, gaining support realtime from other contributors, and assigning accountability and incentive to both the signer of the post and the project volunteer(s).

Upon completion, additional notes can be added to the post to indicate length and other details as necessary. A template can be ascertained after the prototype gets a chance in action. It’s people-powered, so we shouldn’t have to worry too much about it getting out of control.

Furthermore, while the current props channel leaves % Cred to the signer of the post, opportuni-props allows a slightly larger % assuming that a generous amount of Cred is assigned/required to support the task and the signer is responsible for managing the completion of the project.

There needs to be a way to hold the contributor accountable to the post they are signing: we could have people appointed to the positions of signers of the posts that the community agrees are good at follow up and who the is trusted to hold people accountable or we can make it a broader permission, like to all Contributor-roled people, and see how it goes. Anybody can pick up a task, it is up to the signer to designate who will be “owning” the task moving forward. Perhaps this can be done in the didathing discussion channel. This requires a high level of trust: we want people signing tasks that want the task to get done more than they want the cred that they will get if the task does not get completed. That being said, our trust roles should do the trick and I propose Contributors have the ability to be the signers of posts in this channel.


remember the value of having a robust community that is willing to experiment no matter what the consequences might be of that experimentation.

I’m all in favor of exploring and iterating over discoveries of undesirable results should any arise. That’s just a good recipe for science lol


I offer move to core and if its passed do the thing all the way through and demonstrate what that looks like, have us see how we feel about it after having experienced it and at that point perhaps open it up to critique?

Not everyone will know how they feel until they see how folx behave and how that reads out in the observable [weight adjustment]/ if work gets done/can be tracked or if ideas die there. I’ve got an idea of how I think the data will present itself as well as how I imagine this will all play out. I’m interested in reviewing this data.

I don’t like seeing people get bogged down with no’s when they wanna play and I will always have thoughts when it comes to the ways we choose to design and engage with AI, my ideals stem from somatics, behavioral sciences and the intersections of colonialism/ social conditioning…I have thoughts about metrics as well as the behavioral aspects of the design. I’ll hold onto them as a hypothesis to this experiment, and hope there will be space for them afterwards.

Your passion in this moment may be to change something, to improve upon it… my passion will always be to question the changes we are making, I aim my questions and curiosity at all the changes we make, (bias is in conflict as well as change I aim to be aware of it) I look forward to seeing this play out.

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Yeah, and thanks. It was an idea from a couple months ago that Thena and I were jamming on one day at the house. The energy for it feels all but lost to me but I wanted to follow through in case wind catches its sails again sometime.

Since they were copiloting it with me, maybe @blueridger would want to demonstrate it with me sometime - it would take at least two I think to play it out - and I’m also not in a rush, this feels low on the priority and also something I want to get off the ground if it could be useful. Another idea is introducing is at Stacks and seeing how the Advocates DAO using it. That could be a good way to find us some data.

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I was wondering about that…The experimenting is fun to observe… I Love the ways y’all have been able to tailor to specific needs of the community through channels, practices and bot commands. The open forums really warm up the digital atmosphere.